Granite, which is thought to be one of the basis stones of the earth, is available in different colors with the density of different minerals in it. Granites are effective elements in the formation of geothermal waters. Granites, which stand in high temperature while underground, both heat the underground water and prepare a rich mineral mixture by adding the minerals in its content to the water. Granite is the hardest building material that can play an active role in thermal insulation, thus contributing to the insulation of spaces. It can be used for many years due to its durability. It has a strong structure against impacts and heat that can be used easily in places such as countertops. Thanks to this structural feature, the thickness of the granite used is only a few centimeters. As a result, it gains a characteristic feature with its slim and strong stance. Granite, which is preferred due to the width of its usage area and its durable structure, is also approved by its users. It has a structure that easily adapts to the polish. At the same time, it has a strong stance against pressure and solute materials due to its durability. Due to its crystalline structure, dark colored granites look more visually pleasing. Especially Black Granite gives people a sense of cleanliness, even though it is black with its glowing night appearance. You can safely obtain Black Granite models from our company, which can suit many different areas such as garden decoration, ornaments, stair steps, authentic place floor coverings, kitchen countertops, dining tables. The thickness of the granite we will use in your kitchen or sink countertops is at most 2-3 centimeters due to its durability. Black Granite Granite, which is considered to be the indispensable building blocks of the earth, plays a major role in the formation of geothermal water. Granites heat the groundwater and mix the minerals it contains, creating a rich mixture. Granites take part in thermal insulation. It is one of the most preferred foundation stones in building materials.

Black Granite always reflects a clean and bright appearance with its black color. Black Granite models are shaped according to preference. Thanks to the stylish appearance of night black, it provides a stylish and eye-catching detail in every area it is used. Black Granite adds value to your living spaces with its luxurious visuality. Granite has a special mineral structure that does not require constant maintenance. It creates bright visuals by reflecting the light.

The aesthetic structure of Absolute Black Granite provides the advantage of being used in many areas. Kitchens come in terms of its solution-resistant property. In addition, Absolute Black Granite can be preferred in various areas such as flooring, wall stone, borders and steps.

Absolute Black Granite, which can be easily polished, carries the polish on it for a long time after being polished. Thanks to its feature of not losing its brightness for a long time, it gives a stylish appearance to every area where it is used. You can use Absolute Black Granite for bathroom decoration and various decorative ideas in your space.

Absolute Black Granite has a durable and solid structure. It has the feature of acting as a thermal insulation. It is the hardest material among building materials. Thanks to its durable structure, it can be used for years without being damaged. It has high resistance to impacts and heat. In addition to its durable structure, Absolute Black Granite creates a visually stylish appearance. Thanks to its hardness, it has become an indispensable material for kitchen countertops. Thanks to its resistance to pressure and acidic substances, Absolute Black Granite can be used safely in many areas.

Absolute Black is a completely black granite. Absolute Black Granite is used in all kinds of interior and exterior decoration works, special table and coffee table designs and counter applications. It is a product with a clear black appearance. When we do Absolute Black special surface treatment, we can easily use it as a full surface and intermediate pattern element in any area with its clear image. It is one of the most frequently used products among black granite models.

Nero Zimbabwe has a very slightly wavy appearance in black color. Nero Zimbabwe Granite is a frequently preferred product in bathroom and kitchen designs, flooring, step and windowsill work, table projects. Nero Zimbabwe, also known as Zimbabwe Dark Black Granite, is the most preferred and known granite in the industry. It is among the preferences of the sellers due to the easy processing and shaping feature of the stone, and the color structure of the users. It is combined with kitchen cabinets in terms of color tone. Nero Zimbabwe Granite is a great choice for those who love the nobility of black. Nero Zimbabwe Granite, which attracts those who see it with its bright outer surface and eye-catching smoothness, also impresses with its durability. The slightly grainy appearance of Nero Zimbabwe Granite adds a bit of softness to the hardness of the granite. This natural stone, which is among the first choices of those who want to have an elegant appearance, especially in kitchens, affects the preferences of the users with its durability. Although it is widely used as a kitchen countertop, it is also found in interior and exterior spaces, in many architectural projects, wall tiles and bathrooms. Nero Zimbabwe Granite, which has a remarkable appearance, belongs to the category of African granites. Nero Zimbabwe Granite is a solid and stylish material that can be applied in different areas of projects as interior and exterior cladding. It is also applied successfully in decorative designs such as tables and coffee tables.

Nero Zimbabwe is a type of black granite quarried in Zimbabwe. This stone is especially good for countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior – interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and other design projects. It is also called Absolute Black Zimbabwe Granite, Negro Zimbabwe Granite, Nero Assoluto Z Granite, Noir Zimbabwe Granite, Zimbabwe Black Granite, in the Chinese stone market.

Negro Zimbabwe is characterized by small glowing sparks of quartz in its composition. This adds a lively shine to the mineral surface. The visual effect of such a strong granite makes it perfect for cladding luxury residences and buildings; The aesthetic result in kitchens and bathrooms is both magnificent and modern. Negro Zimbabwe Granite is also highly recommended to give public spaces and retail establishments a sophisticated appeal and enhance their style.