Afyon Sugar Marble is one of the most valuable members of the 2500-year-old Afyon marble quarries. It has been used in many buildings throughout history and is one of the most outstanding resources of our country. Afyon Sugar marble, white marble hauls in Turkey. Sugar marble; It is mainly used for kitchen countertops, mosaic, exterior – interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and wall coverings, stairs, window sills and other design projects. It is also called Afyon Sugar Marble, Afyon Kaymağı Marble, Afyon Cream Marble, Century White Marble in the market. Afyon Yellow Sugar Marble; It is a white colored, massive marble with medium-sized calcite crystals with fine golden yellow veins. The veins sometimes darken and give the marble a honey color. This type of marble is called “Afyon Golden“. In general, Afyon turns gray in the horizontal direction and Afyon slides in the vertical direction. Afyon golden marble, one of the best known and oldest Turkish marble varieties, has a fine golden yellow vein structure and is our white marble, which is translucent translucent. Afyon white marble prices vary according to their selection and size. Afyon Sweet Candy marble is one of our world-renowned marble varieties. The marble decorated with yellow spots on a white background is one of the first class marble types. Afyon Sweet Sugar Marble, which is one of the very valuable marble varieties due to its full formation, finds buyers at high prices. Afyon Sweet Candy Marble; It is a product of the old classical marble models and we prefer it especially in kitchen counter designs and windowsills used at the edges of the windows. Our customers prefer it as a floor covering, albeit partially.

Afyon sugar marble; Being a fully formed marble type does not require epoxy and mesh application. Since it is a solid marble type, it is suitable for long-lasting use both in indoor and outdoor applications. Sugar marble is one of the different selections of Afyon white marble. Since it is a homogeneous marble type, it allows it to be used easily in large spaces in projects. Afyon Cream Marble and Afyon Kaymak marble are our world-renowned marble variety. Afyon White; It is used in floor covering, wall covering, steps, windowsills and other applications in interior and exterior of projects. Afyon Yellow Sugar is also preferred as a facade coating in marble projects. It is also suitable for use as floor and wall coverings and bathroom countertops in white marble bathrooms. Afyon cream marble; It is one of the favorite marbles of home decoration such as decorative dining table, coffee table. This white marble variety, which has a decorative structure, allows it to be used in decorative products such as ornaments, mosaic, split face stones and sinks. Afyon white marble will change the ambience of kitchens incredibly with its mosaic marble shape, which will be preferred among kitchen countertops. In addition, it is seen that Afyon Yellow Sugar Marble is preferred in column coverings of flamboyant structures. This white marble type, which combines with golden yellow with high purity of white color, will continue to dazzle for many years with its splendor in the places where it is used. If you are tired of classical decoration objects, you can choose ornaments, coasters, ashtrays or even white marble accessories that you can use as a name plate in your workplace. You can use it as a white marble wall covering throughout the TV unit of your living room. This coating can also be preferred in the form of polished mosaic.

Sugar marble; Table, coffee table, trinket, chandelier, ashtray etc. in interior decoration. Significant amounts of marble, colored marble, onyx marble and green porphyry are consumed in the production of products. Sugar marble; In monuments and sculptures as art material, white colored marble with regular grain is used, which is the most valuable marble type