None of marble obtained from any area of Afyon/İscehisar marble in Turkey does not have as wide a use. The first marble extraction in Afyon İscehisar region was BC. It is stated that it started around 900 years.

Afyon White Marble is white in color and rarely contains fine gilded / yellow veins in patches. It is used in the fields of slabs, tiles, interior and exterior coating, flooring, souvenirs, sculpture and decoration due to its easy shaping, polishing convenience and good block efficiency.

In general, Afyon marble extracted from the Iscehisar region of Afyonkarahisar is considered to be the first class in the world literature with its crystal structure. It is a famous and very requesting marble all over the world. One-third of Turkey’s marble blocks extracted from this region.

Afyon marble, which has good block efficiency, is durable, can be easily shaped and polished, is used as slabs, tiles or tiles in interior and exterior architecture. Afyon marble can be preferred in kitchen countertops, floor and wall covering, garden, pool side. It is also used in making decoration objects and sculptures.

Reisoğlu Marble has been producing Afyon White Marble from its own quarries since 1943 and has a different selection range. Blocks extracted from our Afyon white quarry are both available in the domestic market and exported, and are offered to the market in our production facilities as sized products or slabs of desired thickness (2-3cm).

Considering the white marble classes all over the world, it has been concluded that it is the marble selection with the healthiest structure in terms of homogeneity. It is also known that our world-famous marble was used in ancient Greek baths. Afyon white marble was used frequently in various ancient cities that we have restored as Efesus Stone. Afyon white marble has a lot of usage area in modern architecture as it offers different selection possibilities.

Afyon White is a light gray shaded foliarless metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals extracted from Turkey’s quarry. This stone is especially used for countertops, mosaic, wall covering, flooring, sinks, stairs, windowsills, coping, patterns, etc. and other design projects. In the Chinese stone market, it is also called Afyon white marble, Afyon Gray White Marble, Afyon White Marble, Bianco Afyon Marble, Afyon Pure White Marble.

Afyon gray white marble manages to be preferred with its different appearance and useful side. It is a type of marble that manages to attract attention with its quality. Afyon gray white marble is one of the subjects wondering where the fireplace is. Iscehisar / Afyon is extracted in our province. With Afyon gray white marble, it will become possible to make your spaces look nice. It is a great product equipped with white gray lines. Afyon gray white marble allows you to provide the heat insulation you want in your environment in the best way. There is no such thing as throwing in color. One of the advantages of the product is that the Afyon gray white marble will not lose its luster. Afyon gray white marble manages to be a product that is used in building projects.

Afyon Marble colors are predominantly light-toned, white, beige or gray. The most well-known types are Afyon white (Afyon White), Afyon sugar (Afyon Sugar) and Afyon gray. Its pure white color, consisting of fine and medium-grained calcite crystals and its durability have made Afyon white marble accepted as one of the best quality marbles in the world. Mimar Sinan frequently preferred Afyon white marble in his buildings. Among the marbles that decorate the Çırağan Palace, there is also Afyon white marble.

Afyon sugar marble, consisting of white, medium-grained calcite crystals, is a golden yellow colored, translucent marble with fine veins. Afyon is a selection of white. It can be used both indoors and outdoors with its homogeneous and durable structure. Afyon cream is also known as Afyon cream.

Afyon Gray Marble, which is composed of calcite crystals, is in ash gray color and shows light and dark bands in places.

White color is a color that gives freshness and energy to all environments. Many architects and designers use the soothing beauty of white in their projects. White marble is the most preferred type of marble, especially in recent years. It is both ease of use and an all-time favorite color and a color that never goes out of fashion. White marble has made it the most preferred marble by designers and users with its natural appearance and ability to reflect light. White marble can be used easily with all other marble colors.

Especially in recent years, white marbles have been used in home decorations. The use of white marble has increased, because it adds freshness to the home and is easy to clean. The most important thing to consider when buying marble is the area to be used. The color and size of the marble must be suitable for the area to be used. You should cut according to the square meter of the area you will use.

Afyon white, white predominantly gray with a small pattern. Afyon white marble is used in kitchen countertops, bath, monumental building, bathroom and table work. It is one of the most used products among local marbles. It has a beautiful white tone appearance. It can be used easily in indoor and outdoor environments as its permeability and strength structure is very good. It can be used as honed, sandblasted and polished.

Afyon white marble appears in various selections. These; milky white, yellowish white (cream) and cloudy white. It is called by this name only because it is located in the province of Afyonkarahisar.

Afyon cloudy white marble has cloud-like moire shapes. Soft and variegated patterns are a type of marble frequently used by designers and architects who have refined tastes and love the extraordinary. Afyon cloudy white marble is generally used with a polished surface with its unusual patterns and matte stance. Afyon cloudy white marble is suitable for both interior and exterior architectural designs, as generally all white marble varieties. This unique marble, bearing the traces of history, can be used for artistic purposes such as special accessories, coffee tables, monuments, mosaics and fountain designs. In addition to these, cloudy white marble; It is also popularly preferred in wall coverings, floor coverings, countertops, sinks, bathroom applications.


The interior and exterior cladding of the buildings from the marbles obtained from Afyon-İscehisar region, flooring plates, kitchen countertops, stair step, paledian and so on. While rubble and wedge-sized marbles are processed in our cnc and waterjet workshop, they are also used in the production of souvenirs (vases, watches, pen holders, name holders, etc.). Since it provides a harmonious union with the furniture in home decoration, it is used in the dining table, center table, seat edges and unit covering.

You should choose natural marble stones to get a stylish and modern look. When purchasing marble, you should prefer quality and reliable companies. Poor quality marbles break and wear in a short time. In addition, the workmanship must be done beautifully and carefully. In order to use the marbles for many years, attention should be paid to the specified points.

Afyon white marble is used in interior and exterior coatings of projects, floor covering, stair steps, floor and wall covering of bathrooms, bathroom countertop application, column coverings. In addition, there are applications in fireplace lining. Extremely bright spaces are achieved with its white appearance. Afyon white marble, which is also demanded as polished mosaic, can be combined with marbles of different colors to create mosaic sets.

Those who want to add richness to home decoration can also choose Afyon white marble. In interior decoration, it can be used as a dining table, coffee table or even as decorative objects such as trinkets, candle holders and ashtrays. Afyon white marble, which has a classic appearance, also adds a classic look to your homes.


Iscehisar marbles constitute the uppermost unit of the metamorphic basement. The marbles, whose origin is limestone, geologically show different color, grain size, mineralogical composition and are divided into three different units in terms of these properties. The marbles named as Afyon tiger skin and Afyon gray in the region form the sub-unit, Afyon honey, Afyon sugar and Afyon cream middle unit and such marbles called Afyon violet constitute the upper unit.


  • The white marbles used in the furniture add a modern look to the environments.
  • White mosaic marbles add a natural and aesthetic appearance to kitchen countertops and bathroom floors.
  • Due to its soft structure, it is also used by sculptors and craftsmen.
  • White marbles provide easy cleaning, elegant appearance and wider areas.
  • It is durable and reflects light.


On the floor of the buildings,

In the furniture industry,

In areas such as natural stone marble, palaces, mosques,

In wet places such as countertops, bathrooms, floors, showers,

In the elements of the buildings such as stairs and steps,

In exterior decoration,

Lobbies of hotels, shopping mall entrances,

In grave making, sculpture industry

It is used in many areas, including jewelry and ornaments.

Afyon white marble in English literature ” Afyon Marble, Afyon White Marble, Afyon Gray White Marble, Afion White Marble, Bianco Afyon Marble, Afyon Pure White Marble, Afyon Sugar, Milk White, Yellowish White Cream, Cloudy White, Afyon Cloudy White Marble, Afyon Honey, Afyon Tiger, Afyon Violet ”.