They are hard rocks that contain various mineral fragments in granite. Granites are generally highly resistant rocks with good homogeneity. These rocks contain minerals such as quartz, feldspar, muscovite, mica, amphibole, andalusite. Their formation is based on the compression of the mineral particles in the magma while rising to the surface and the slow cooling process that takes many years. Gray Granite is used today as a construction and architectural material in indoor and outdoor applications. In interior spaces; It has a wide range of uses such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, floor covering, wall and stair coverings, elevators, fireplaces, tables and decorative items. In outdoor areas; They are widely used in facade cladding, flooring, pavement and curbstones, pools, fountains, sculpture, barbecue and landscaping. Granite is mostly treated as a “dimension stone”. Dimension stone is a natural rock material cut into blocks or slabs of specific length, width and thickness. Granite is hard enough to resist abrasion, is durable enough to withstand weather conditions, and can accept a glossy finish. These features make it a very desired and used dimension stone.

Gray Granite has been used in interior and exterior applications for thousands of years. Rough cut and polished granite is an essential part of buildings, bridges, sidewalks, monuments and many other exterior projects. It is possible to see the use of Gray Granite in interiors, polished granite slabs and tiles countertops, tiled floors, stair treads, and many other practical and decorative features. Gray Granite can cost a little more than man-made materials in most projects. However, Gray Granite has been a frequently chosen stone because it is a prestigious material used to produce elegance, durability and enduring impressions of quality.

Granite is also used as a crushed stone or component. Gray Granite is mainly used in construction sites, in road construction, railways, foundations and in areas where crushed stone is useful as filling.

Aksaray Yaylak Granite is a stone with a high degree of hardness and recognized in the domestic and foreign markets, which is among the Turkish granite types. Aksaray yaylak granite, which has a high level of durability, is a type of granite that does not have grooves and grooves on its surface.

Aksaray Yaylak Granite has light gray and black dot patterns. Aksaray Yaylak Granite is preferred for floor coverings, kitchen countertops, wall and facade coverings, windowsills and table applications. Aksaray Yaylak, is one of the most well-known granite varieties in Turkey market. It is a product that is frequently preferred by users and sellers due to its local nature, color structure and workability features. Another reason for preference is that it offers an image structure suitable for cabinet designs, especially in kitchens. In addition to its multi-colored structure close to gray and white tones, it is a very high quality and beautiful product that can adapt to any kind of work such as honed, sandblasted, patinato, matt and polished.

Turkey Aksaray Yaylak granite which is one of geological resources, known for its hardness and Aksaray is a stone and removed from the processing furnace Sarıyahşi yl. It is cut into shapes such as burnt, polished, patina or hammered, made ready for use and offered for sale to consumers. This stone, which has been removed from its reserve, is cut in sizes such as 2, 3 and 4 and adjusted according to the dimensions of the spaces to be used. Aksaray Yaylak Granite, also known as Sipahi Granit, is a natural stone that is highly preferred in architectural projects at home and abroad.

In terms of usage areas, Aksaray Yaylak Granite can be used indoors and outdoors. While it can be used in alternatives such as kitchen countertops, skirting, step covering, flooring, floor covering in interior spaces, it can be used in exterior siding, pavement, street and pedestrian path, rain gutters, handicapped stone, parquet paving stone.

The Aksaray Yaylak Granite product, which you will encounter with its wonderful effects from the first minute you include it in your living spaces, is known and preferred especially for its appearance suitable for kitchen cabinet designs. It is known by everyone that a granite model that is compatible with your cabinets in kitchens will bring a special look with it.

Aksaray Yaylak Granite or Aksaray Sipahi (Pink) granite is one of the most well-known Turkish granite varieties in domestic and foreign markets. Aksaray Yaylak Granite impresses the preferences with its homogeneous color mixture, affordable price option and high durability.

Yaylak Granite requires quality stones and stone products in many areas in our country and in the world. It has many areas of use such as architectural designs, cladding works, cobblestones, home systems and wall structures. All stones are removed from their beds after important discovery and the processes are started.

Aksaray Yaylak, Aksaray Gray Granite other names in the sector is the most preferred and granite known in Turkey. It is among the preferences of the sellers due to the easy processing and shaping feature of the stone and the color structure of the users. It is combined with kitchen cabinets in terms of color tone. Our Aksaray Yaylak Granite model is generally preferred for flooring works of floors, kitchen countertops, walls and facades.

Hisar Yaylak one of Turkey’s most homogeneous granite varieties, one kind of colored granite gray and green background. Due to its homogeneous structure, it is one of the important stones of large space application projects. Hisar Gray Granite has light gray-toned black and white small patterns. Hisar Gray Granite is used especially in outdoor floor and wall coverings, indoor floor coverings and pavement production. It is one of the most preferred light tone gray granite models in our country in terms of price and performance.

Hisar Gray Granit, also known as Hisar Yaylak Granit, is a locally produced granite. HisarGri Granite, which is extracted from Eskişehir, is a granite imported abroad and successfully represents our country thanks to its quality. This granite, which is gray in appearance and in small spots, is similar in both structure and appearance to Aksaray Yaylak Granite. Since it contains feldspar and quartz minerals, it is both bright and very hard. Removing it as blocks or slabs causes it to fall into the “cut-to-size” category. Since Hisar Gray Granite does not have grooves or breaks on its surface, it is highly preferred and very useful. Hisar Gray Granite, which is very affordable, brings the Hisar Gray Granite to the foreground, with its wide range of use such as floor coverings, all-over tiled flooring and heat insulation and use in indoor groups.

Hisar Gray Yaylak Granite is a domestic product. It is extracted from Eskişehir quarries. You can use it by starting to benefit from its quality view immediately. It also helps your environments look spectacular. Thanks to Hisar Gray Yaylak Granite countertop, you will make your environments look more visually stylish. Prices vary. It has gray color. It has a great surface. In this way, it will be possible for you to start creating the most beautiful decorative views. It is a product that finds itself a place in Gray Granites. You can start using Hisar Gray Granite for many years without any problems. There are varieties such as brushed and patina, border and cube stone, sandblasted and honed, hammered, burnt and epoxy. Hisar Gray Granite manages to be a preferred product in stair and step covering, skirting and pier, pool, bathroom, kitchen and wall coverings. In this way, you can start using this product with peace of mind. It is a suitable product for both indoor and outdoor use.