Amarante Blu

Amarante Blu Marble is a kind of lilac-white marble quarried in Turkey and it is also referred to as ” Afyon Violet ”. Afyon Violet is especially good for Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, monuments, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills and other design projects. The Afyon Violet was the marble par excellence for the Romans who extracted and exported in considerable quantities since the 1st century BC under the name of “Pavonazetto”. The Afyon Violet Many historical pieces of art made of this material still can be seen through Europe and Asia in our present-day world.

A great number of types of natural stones such as marble and travertine are processed as in different forms of floor tiles and mosaics. These natural materials are optimum design materials for your residents and offices. One of these materials is very popular in recent days, whose name is Afyon Violet. Afyon Violet  is used for thousands of years by people. Afyon Violet very cool material for various interior and exterior spaces. And, Afyon Violet it can be preferred with other types of marble.

Natural stones have different structures rather than other construction materials. They have a natural texture and an authentic look. This is a critical for residential projects. Afyon Violet White Marble is one of these unique materials. It has a distinctive structure and colour combination. Therefore, it is preferred on many different floors and surfaces by architects and constructors. First, it has a great variety of colours and tones. It has a pure and soft white background and has a light beige background in addition to white. It creates an elegant and authentic view for this unique stone. Also, it has different dark tones and colour veins on these white and beige surfaces. The dark tone veins give a natural harmony to Afyon Violet White Marble. It looks like an outstanding desert view for the floors and surfaces of your residents and business centres. Additionally, it has ancient textures. It looks like the stone came from old times. Thanks to this feature, Afyon Violet White Marble provides an authentic mood to different types of projects. Also, it has a very durable and sturdy structure. It can be preferred for long term usage.


Afyon Violet White Marble can be used in quite a few outdoor and indoor spaces. Thanks to the vein structure and colourful structure view, this marble type can be applied on various floors for interior architecture. Firstly, it can be preferred for floors on guest rooms and living room as a floor tile. In addition to this, the marble type can be preferred for stair and column coating. Also, thanks to its waterproof structure, it can be used for wet floors. Bathrooms and toilets are ideal places for this marble type. Also, it is a perfect choice for the kitchen and entrance floors. It creates a harmonic view thanks to its colourful look. The marble type is used for thousands of years by people since ancient ages; therefore, it provides a very authentic and ancient view. It can be used on different places such as hotels, shopping centers, and restaurants. Especially, coffee shops are very ideal places for this marble type. Afyon Violet White Marble gives a soft and elegant view for your houses and business centres.


Afyon Violet White Marble has been formed over millions of years; therefore, Afyon Violet type is a very precious natural construction and decoration material. It can be produced with different forms and types such as mosaics and floor tiles. And, Afyon Violet White Marble can be preferred with other forms such as polished and tumbled regarding your projects.

Afyon Violet is used for very organic and decorative areas for centuries. It can be used for outer and inner marble sculpture, inner and outer wall coating for architecture or as a decorative material for floors. Out of this it can also be used in walking trails and stairs.

Marble mosaic and profiling products are preferred in bathrooms and kitchens as well as sized tiles. Afyon Violet marble, which is one of the first produced marble varieties of Turkey, is one of the marble types with seated quarries and production and accepted as first class marble varieties in world marble literature.

According to the layout and structure of the granules forming the marbles of Afyon Region; marble species are selected as different classes according to their appearance and structures as  and Afyon Violet marble. Afyon Violet marble selections carry on all the characteristics of Afyon Region marbles and it is highlighted by its violet color texture and finds its customers in domestic and foreign markets. It is preferred not only because it gives higher performance in narrow spaces due to its decorative appearance but also it can can be easily applied wide area applications because it does not show excessive waves on the surface of the stone. Afyon Violet marble is one of the most original marble varieties of color and texture among the marbles of Afyon District. Our marble species, which has been removed from the quarries until the 1940s, has been successfully applied in many different projects around the world.