Amarante Blu commonly used name is in Turkey Afyon violet marbleAfyon violet marble, a type of white lilac marble is extracted in Turkey. This marble type can be preferred for use in almost every area. It is especially good for Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, monuments, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall coverings, stairs, window sills, step and stair applications, decorative items and other design projects. Afyon Violet marble is also preferred for decorative products. Column covering, sink, polished mosaic, garden ornaments in landscaping areas are seen in applications such as. Amarante Blu; It is also known as Afyon Violet Marble, Afyon Violet Classic Marble, Afyon Viola Marble, Afyon Violet Marble, Afyon Flower Marble. Afyon Violet Marble can be polished, cut, sanded, stone faced, sandblasted, tumbled etc. can be processed as.

Afyon Violet marble provides a stylish and elegant appearance to its usage areas with its appearance resembling a violet flower. Purple, black, yellow, brown and gray waves on white of Afyon Violet marble decorate the image of the stone.

Violet Marble Afyon is extracted from quarries in Turkey. It is a gray colored product. Gray veins and waves are distributed asymmetrically on a white background. The product, which reveals the harmony of gray and gold colors, is a remarkable building material in domestic and foreign markets with its durable structure. Afyon Violet Marble stands out with its visual beauty indoors and outdoors, and can be preferred in wall and floor coverings, decorative products and furniture. Although Afyon Menekşe Marble is widely used in countertops, its use in decorative products with developing architecture is also becoming widespread. It is a building material that succeeds in attracting all the attention by creating remarkable areas in the spaces where it is used and putting the atmosphere of the space into a completely different structure.

Amarante Blu, which is a durable stone in the first class stone category in the market in the natural stone sector, Afyon Menekşe or Afyon Menekşe Classic marble with its domestic market name can be offered for sale by applying various surface treatments. It is a type of marble that is especially preferred indoors and in narrow spaces with its harmony that gives a feeling of spaciousness and spaciousness. Afyon Violet Marble adds a modern atmosphere to the area where white marble is applied, which creates a spacious environment in interior decoration, and has a refreshing energy effect with purple tones containing the tones of Afyon violet flower. Afyon Violet Marble is a type of marble preferred for indoor applications as well as for outdoor applications.

Afyon Intense Violet Marble; This distinguished marble attracts great attention in both domestic and international projects. Since it is a fully formed marble type, the production is completed without the need for epoxy and mesh application. Failure to apply epoxy mesh has a positive effect on the cost of the product. Afyon Violet also has a high degree of hardness. This feature also increases its durability.

Afyon Intense Violet Marble; It gives very pleasant results in terms of decoration with its violet-colored vein structure dispersed on a white background and yellow tones dispersed in between. Afyon  Violet Marble; The fact that the vascular structure does not show much mobility does not tire the eye, and it captures a pleasant ambiance in large areas.

Afyon Violet Marble with a high degree of hardness; It can be used as both indoor and outdoor flooring, wall covering, stair step. It is also preferred in decorative products. Afyon Violet Marble is used in applications such as column covering, countertop, washbasin, polished mosaic, garden ornaments in landscape areas. With polished mosaic options, you can add color to the environment with small touches either as a wall covering behind the counter in your kitchen or as a wall covering in your bathrooms. Afyon Violet Marble; The white color, which always creates a spacious environment in interior decoration, will add a modern touch to your home and you will be able to reflect the positive energy of violet, one of the heartwarming purple tones, into your living space.

Afyon Menekşe Marble is distinguished from other varieties with its slightly veined and wavy appearance that resembles a violet. Purple, black, yellow, brown and gray waves on white add a natural look and uniqueness to the stone. You can add elegance, elegance and pleasure to spaces with this building material, which reflects the harmony of violet flower. This Afyon Intense Violet Marble, which has a very strong structure, can be preferred for use in almost every field. Impressing with its resistance to sunlight and heat, as well as moisture and humidity, this product promises a long-lasting use. Although Afyon Violet Marble is often preferred indoors and in narrow spaces, it has a positive qualitative effect. It is also used in exterior archite