Karya Yaylak granite, a kind of gray granite is exracted from Turkey. This stone is especially good for building stone, sinks, monuments, pool coping, sills, ornamental stone, interior, exterior, wall, floor, pavement and other design projects. It is also called Sivrihisar Yaylak Granite. Karye Yaylak Granite; polished, cut, sanded, ground, sandblasted, tumbled, flamed etc. can be processed as.

Hisar Yaylak one of Turkey’s most homogeneous granite granite varieties; It is one of the granite types with gray and green backgrounds. Due to its homogeneous structure, it is among the important stones of large space application projects. Sivrihisar Granite has light gray-toned black and white small patterns. Sivrihisar Granite is used especially in outdoor floor and wall coverings, indoor floor coverings and pavement production. It is one of the most preferred light tone gray granite models in our country in terms of price and performance.

Hisar Gray Granite, also known as Sivrihisar Yaylak Granite, is one of the locally produced granite types. Turkey’s Eskisehir Sivrihisar Yaylak granite extracted from the province, thanks to the quality of imported and successfully representing our country abroad is a granite. This granite, which is gray in appearance and in small spots, is similar in both structure and appearance to Aksaray Yaylak Granite. Since it contains feldspar and quartz minerals, it is both bright and very hard. Removing it as blocks or slabs causes it to fall into the “cut to size” category. Since there is no groove or breach on the surface of Sivrihisar Granite, it is highly preferred and very useful. The price of Sivrihisar Granite, which is very affordable, and its wide range of use such as floor coverings, all-over tiled flooring and heat insulation and use in indoor groups, brings Hisar Gray Granite to the fore.

Sivrihisar Yaylak Granite is a domestic product. It is extracted from Eskişehir quarries. You can use it by starting to benefit from its quality view immediately. It also helps your environments look spectacular. Thanks to Sivrihisar Yaylak Granite countertop, you will make your environments look more visually stylish. Prices vary. It has gray color. It has a great surface. In this way, it will be possible for you to begin to reveal decorative views in the best way possible. It is a product that finds itself a place in Gray Granites. Sivrihisar Yaylak Granite can start using this product for many years without any problems. There are varieties such as brushed and patina, border and cube stone, sandblasted and honed, hammered, burnt and epoxy. Hisar Gray Granite manages to be a preferred product in stair and step covering, skirting and pier, pool, bathroom, kitchen and wall coverings. In this way, you can start using this product with peace of mind. It is a suitable product for both indoor and outdoor use.