Muğla White Marble has high hardness and strength. Muğla White Marble has low porosity. Marble with low porosity is more durable and long-lasting. The crystal size of Muğla White Marble, which has a homogeneous structure, is smaller than other marbles. For this reason, it is easier to accept the polish, this feature facilitates the processing process and makes the end product more durable.

It is a type of marble that is exported to many countries of the world. name in Turkey, “Muğla Marble”  is often referred to by two different names. The first of these names is called White Ibiza. It is known and traded under this name in the European market. Another known name is Bianco IbizaMuğla Marble is called with this name in most of the places outside of Europe.

General usage areas of Muğla marble; Wide area flooring, wall covering, siding and indoor boutique are preferred areas.

Bellissima; It is a white marble variety with its soft structure with very fine smoky veins. In today’s architectural world, where white marbles are preferred in many small and large-scale projects, Bellissima stands out as a natural stone with its low vein and eye-catching brilliance. Muğla marble gives the spaces an open-air, noble and plain appearance. For this reason, Muğla white marble is preferred in many interior architecture designs.

Muğla white flooring and tiles are widely preferred with their polished, honed, brushed surfaces, sandblasted and tumbled surfaces. These processes are determined according to the project scale or customer preference.

Since Muğla white marble is a light colored marble type, it is recommended for both interior and exterior architectural designs. Mugla white is frequently used in bathrooms, kitchens, sinks and mosaics, wall and floor coverings as it makes the interiors look spacious.

Muğla white is used in all kinds of decorative projects, interior and exterior flooring, bathroom and bath works, table and coffee table applications, windowsill and stair coverings. Muğla white marble has a shade of white that looks slightly gray. Muğla white marble; It is a type of marble that we consume most frequently in the domestic market and can meet the need for white stone for almost all projects. Muğla white is a frequently preferred marble type in fireplace coating applications.