Dark Olive Marble, which takes its name from the olive-like patterns on its surface, suggests thicknesses, color varieties and sizes according to the conditions, considering the hardness and use of the material. Olive marble is often preferred as elevator coating, riser, bordüre. It can be combined with light emperador marble, beige marble, white marble. It has a complementary feature such as edge border and wedge in applications where light-colored marbles such as beige, cream and white equivalent are used as the main flooring stone as floor covering. Dark Olive Marble appears as a wall covering rather than a floor covering.

Dark Olive Marble, which is the favorite colors of architects and designers; It is used as wall covering, elevator covering, stair step, column covering or border stone of projects such as hotels, business centers, shopping centers. Some of our architects use this marble by combining different surface treatments in order to make a difference in their projects. Polished, honed and sandblasted mixed on the floor covering; or by scalloped surface treatment on wall covering. Dark Olive Marble is made of a single color marble, thanks to its different surface treatments, more than one color tone can be achieved. Dark Olive Marble is preferred for tabletop application in restaurants and cafes. It can also be combined with wooden products in terms of color tone

Black Pearl Marble has white and yellow dots that give the impression of a galaxy on a black background, and are thinly and tightly laid. Marble can be used indoors and outdoors. Black Pearl marble attracts attention in decorative flower tub coverings, table coffee table productions and bathroom countertops. In addition, it takes place in projects as a shower tray and coating in wet areas. It can even find use in a name tag as a gift item.

Dark Olive Marble, a natural wonder that combines the natural and eye-catching color of olive trees with the durability of marble, is one of the ideal products for those who will choose marble coating in dark shades of green. Inspired by the naturalness of olive, Dark Olive Marble coating is among the options for the floor and surface marble coating of the places open to the crowd with its dark tones. Dark Olive Marble has been used for centuries as one of the most robust building and coating materials since ancient times and has been admired by its durability until today, especially with a color that reminds us of nature, such as dark green, and gains an even more ancient appearance.

Black Pearl marble, a type of tiny colored veined white marble extracted from quarries in Turkey is dark black. This stone is especially used for exterior – interior wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall coverings, stairs, window sills, etc. and it is good for other design projects. Black Pearl is also called Diyarbakır Black Marble. Black Pearl Marble can be processed into polished, cut, sanded, sandblasted, tumbled.

Black Pearl Marble has a black background and curved gray linear patterns. It is another of our black marble products. Special linear pattern structure offers suitable cutting opportunity for bookmatch coatings. It is a stone that we frequently use as beveled windowsills and windowsills. It is also known as Black Pearl, Southeast Black, Perl Marble.

Black Pearl Marble is used in many places such as home, workplace, school, hospital, garden, and looks both stylish and modern and make people’s lives easier. Siyah İnci Marble is used in many areas such as countertops, bathrooms, floors, sinks, ornamental products and graves. Black marble is produced in different sizes and sizes according to the area of use.