One third of the marble blocks are removed in Afyonkarahisar in Turkey İscehisar. The annual production capacity of Afyonkarahisar, whose total marble reserve is estimated to be 400 million cubic meters, is around 6.9 million cubic meters. Kaymak, Hawaii, Afyonkarahisar Sugar, Tiger Hide, Afyonkarahisar Rose, Afyonkarahisar Gray, Moire, White Honey Yellow, Eggplant Purple, Crispy and Dirty type marbles are mined. It is white in color and rarely contains fine gilded / yellow veins. It is used in the fields of slabs, tiles, interior and exterior coating, flooring, souvenirs, sculpture and decoration due to its easy shaping, polishing convenience and good block efficiency.

Afyonkarahisar Marble; The field of fine arts, decoration and construction are the main usage areas of marble. Marble is used in the largest construction industry. Consumption is high in the interiors and coatings of the architectures, decoration works, especially in kitchen, balcony and stairs work, monuments, sculptures, ornaments and souvenirs. It is used in the interior of buildings in the construction industry, for flooring and wall coverings, stair steps, fireplaces, columns, kitchens and bathrooms. In the handicraft and souvenir areas, trinkets, vases, chandeliers, sugar bowls, etc. Bright and vibrant colored marbles are used in the production of souvenirs. Products obtained from natural stones have been processed and used by people throughout history. Since marble expertise is a job that requires delicacy and attention, it is necessary to know how to process. Previously used in artistic fields due to its aesthetics and durability, the main areas of use of marble today are the construction sector, decoration, sculpture, making of ornaments and graveyards. Slabs and other dimensional products produced from blocks are used in interior and exterior cladding of buildings, floor covering, stair steps, fireplaces, kitchens and bathrooms, and bearing columns. There are many marble factories and marble ornaments factories in our city depending on the marble quarries.

Afyonkarahisar Kaymak, Hawaii, Afyonkarahisar Sugar, Tiger Hide, Afyonkarahisar Rose, Afyonkarahisar Gray, Moire, White Honey Yellow, Eggplant Purple, Crunchy and Dirty type marbles are mined in the region.

It is generally used in kitchen countertops, wall coverings, decorative applications, steps, stairs, floor coverings and ornaments. Although it has a white main color background as color, it has wide and common pattern motifs in purple in the foreground. Afyon Purple Marble Afyon Eggplant Purple Marble is also known as Blackberry and Blackberry Vein Cut.

Afyon Purple Marble; It is especially good for building stone, countertops, sinks, monuments, pool coping stone, window sills, ornamental stones, interior trim, interior walls, background wall tile, wall cladding, stairs, linings, borders, mosaics, water jet medallions, used in projects of pillars, siding and other designs.

Afyon Eggplant Purple Marble, with its purple gray lines scattered on a white background, is a type of marble that is also in demand in outdoor applications. Afyon Purple marble is also used in the garden flooring in the landscape areas. Afyon Purple Marble, which adds a beautiful image to the area where it is used with its image and gives positive energy, is a marble that can be used comfortably in all areas.

Blackbery is recommended for large, spacious spaces while raising narrow spaces because it contains extremely dynamic and oriental patterns. Having unique soft colors and patterns adds an original and extraordinary form to this natural stone. In this respect, it is a very remarkable marble form.

Afyon Eggplant Purple marble; Thanks to this marble, which contains a mixture of purple and ultra violet colors, in your living spaces; you can have an aura that makes you feel more romantic, emotional and passionate. Because the purple hue has been perceived as the color of nobility, richness and magnificence throughout history with the energy it spreads to the environments. Afyon Eggplant Purple; also lavender – lilac-lilac tones; colors that inspire and stimulate brain activity. For example, this color, which was frequently used in historical empires in palaces and official state institutions, was known as the messenger of grandeur and grandeur. If you wish, you can also design eye-pleasing spaces by equipping your living spaces with original stones in this interesting color and orientalistic pattern.