Beige Marble has been the most preferred marble, which is the main material of the buildings in the historical process. One of the most important contributions of this product is to give the structure an aesthetic and characteristic appearance. Therefore, Beige Marble is a product with a high rate of preference due to its nature, color and feature being a very compatible option. Beige Marble is found in high quantities in nature, it does not suffocate the area it is applied to and is plain in terms of color, and it has the feature of being compatible with many other colors. Natural stone has been used in many architectural structures all over the world for many years. Turkey, since it has the world’s largest reserves of marble area has gained a significant advantage in terms of production and export capacity.

Burdur Beige is less deformed compared to other natural marbles due to its very hard texture and water absorption. It is also less likely to wear when pressed on. Burdur Beige, whose background color is in cream tones, is divided into classes according to pattern, texture and color features. Some beige marble slabs are more still and lighter. Beige marbles that come out and separate in more open selections are highly requested as flooring in elite projects. This light Burdur Beige color selection provides very good designs with marbles such as Toros Black, Nero Laurent, Alexandrette Black in dark black colors. Slabs with different veins structure are selected in factories and divided into classes. Beige marble colors are also widely used because they provide a harmonious color transition. There is a lot of beige marble quarries in our country, which makes it easy to supply.

Burdur Beige Marble is generally preferred by architectural projects as interior flooring and wall covering thanks to its light tones and homogeneous structure. Blocks extracted from beige quarries in Burdur and its surrounding areas are processed in factories in the surrounding cities and prepared as polished slabs and cut-to-size materials. Burdur Beige Marble base color is in cream tones and the stone is distinguished according to its other features. Plates without veins and in light tones are known as Burdur Light Beige Marble, which is requested to be used in all projects.

The main usage and application areas of Light Beige Marble, which has a higher price than its alternatives, are generally places with high human density and luxury residences. It adds extra value by increasing the total quality of more projects than first class different natural stones. After the blocks extracted from the quarries are processed in the factories, Light Cream Beige Marble comes out in small amounts among the stones that are divided into sub views.

Burdur Beige Marble is the creamy beige marble extracted in Turkey. This stone is especially preferred for wall and floor applications, fountains, special carvings, sculptures, countertops, vanity tops, stairs and other design projects. It is also called as BBCN Burdur Beige Marble, Burdur Beige Marble, Burdur Beige Cream Bella Marble, Burdur Beige Pearl Marble, Burdur Beige Botanica Marble, Burdur Beige, Lightning Beige Marble in Chinese stone market.

Thanks to its homogeneous structure, Burdur Beige Marble can work in harmony with other dark natural stones, which are demanded as high-quality flooring stones in luxury projects. Burdur Beige Marble is used in interior flooring, wall covering and column covering areas in all buildings with large areas such as business centers, airports, hotels and fairgrounds. The surfaces with light veins are separated in factories and grouped. Due to the presence of many vein structure appearances, project-based requests should primarily be determined by the stone with the most suitable vein structure.

Burdur Beige Marble, which is used in many international projects, is exported to America, Arab countries and Turkic Republic countries. The cream and light tones of the stone, which does not have many alternatives in application projects with high-quality flooring, provide the integrity and clean appearance in the application area. Burdur Beige Marble is applied with different sized material with different structures in the wall coverings and steps, including the entrance parts, in five-star hotel projects. Beige Marble can be used at transition points for beige productions with homogeneous and other wavy structure. Due to the high production capacity, requests can be responded quickly and the required production quality control is passed through to the projects. Quality applied stones add extra value to the projects. Burdur Beige Marble can work in harmony with other accessories used for decoration due to its light cream color tones.

Burdur Beige Marble uses white and cream tones more frequently in large projects, as dark tones in large area flooring and coating areas make the environment muffled. Burdur Beige Marble has a stylish design in the flooring area due to its lack of vein structure and its tighter crystal structure. Those with different appearance can be used together with selection as a transition stone. The production time should be planned well for high-volume project-based demands that are produced less than other stones. Natural stones produced in Burdur and its surroundings are known all over the world and can find a place abroad, especially. Burdur Beige Marble selection used as indoor wide area flooring and coating gives very efficient results in ensuring homogeneity and integrity throughout the application. In order to increase the strength, epoxy mesh application is applied in many types. Beige Marble is rarely used in application areas such as countertops and washbasins where a decorative appearance is requested.

The slabs in light and dark cream tones are seen more suitable for high flooring and covering areas. Burdur Beige Marble floorings made in large sizes reflect the character of the stone better and emphasize the cream structure. The stones that are processed in sizes with the least waste rate as large sizes are presented to the projects as first class. Beige Marble, which has become a brand and recognized by design and architectural offices, is used in many application areas. Burdur Beige Cream Bella Marble varieties are offered for sale at higher prices due to their light tones and homogeneity. First classes with light veins are offered to projects at average prices. In all beige marble varieties, cream color tones are spread throughout the stones. Apart from the polished surface that is usually used in projects, alternative surface treatments such as honed, aged, brushed and sandblasted can also be applied. Due to the very small crystal structure, the base image is tight.

Bella Crema marble, which is a creamy beige marble extracted in Turkey. This stone is especially good for facade stone, fireplaces, stairs, countertops, sinks, monuments, poolside, thresholds, ornamental stone, mosaic, interior, exterior, wall, floor, pavement and other design projects. It is also called Crema Bella Pink Marble, Crema Bella Rose Marble, Crema Bella Beige Marble. Crema Bella Marble can be processed as polished, cut, sanded, sandblasted, tumbled. Bella Rose Marble is a kind of beige marble extracted in Turkey. This stone is especially good for building stone, ornamental stone and other design projects. It is also called Bella Pink.

Crema Bella Marble is used in interior and exterior coatings of projects, floor covering, stair steps, floor and wall covering of bathrooms and bathroom countertop application, column coverings. In addition, there are applications in fireplace lining. Extremely bright spaces are achieved with its white appearance. Crema Bella Marble, which is also demanded as polished mosaic, can be combined with marbles of different colors to create mosaic sets.

Burdur Beige Crema Bella Marble can be used in natural stone flooring and covering areas with a thickness of 2 cm. Beiges with very different vein structure and color tones are available in and around Burdur. Burdur Beige Crema Bella Marble, which has a hard texture in terms of structure, is strengthened by making double-sided epoxy, single-sided mesh and firing if necessary. Burdur Beige, whose base color is cream, is also in itself according to its properties such as vein, texture and color. Beige Marble, which is always preferred, has a pleasing harmony with dark colored marbles such as Emperador Dark and Toros black. Burdur Beige Pearl Marble is used in large-scale projects, general area flooring areas of projects such as hotels, airports, hospitals, villas, residences, business centers, wall cladding, facade cladding, column cladding, steps, skirtings, handrails and windowsills. Burdur Beige Pearl Marble, which we see in the outdoor floor covering, can be applied in 3 cm and more thickness according to the area where it will be used. Burdur Beige is in high demand in domestic projects as well as in foreign projects.

Mondo Marble has cream and beige tones. Mondo Marble has a wide range of usage areas. Preferred in almost every place thanks to its superior qualities, Mondo Marble is frequently used in the field of step ladder covering. The material, which contains a pleasant beauty with its simple appearance, is from floor coverings to wall coverings; from fireplaces to kitchen countertops; It can adapt to dozens of different areas, from bathroom sinks to tombstones. Mondo Marble is a unique natural stone type that can attract attention and appreciation at first sight with its colors and naive texture. The product, which looks extremely attractive with its patterns and surface texture, exhibits a rich, modern and stylish stance. These models, which attract those who see at first glance with their simple and beautiful colors, are the first reasons of preference for everyone who wants to create more spacious and larger areas.

Dune Beige Marble, which attracts those who see it at first glance with its simple and beautiful colors, is the primary choice of our architects and customers who want to create more spacious and larger spaces. Dune Beige Marble is a unique natural stone type that attracts attention and appreciation as soon as you see it with its colors and delicate texture. The product, which looks extremely attractive with its patterns and surface texture, exhibits a rich, modern and stylish stance. Dune Beige Marble has a wide range of usage areas. The product, which is preferred in almost every place, is frequently used especially in step ladder coating. Beige colored stone, embodying a pleasant beauty of Dune Beige Marble, from floor coverings to wall coverings; from fireplaces to bathroom countertops; It can adapt to dozens of different areas, from bathroom sinks to facade cladding. Dune Beige Marble adds a difference to the spaces with checkerboard, motif flooring, or wedge flooring types, combined with marbles in different colors.

Botanica Beige Marble has beige toned light white patterns. Botanica Beige Marble is preferred in interior and exterior floor coverings and facade coatings, decorative ornaments, table and coffee table projects, fireplace works. Beige marble is a stone model that we frequently use in our portfolio and when it is polished and applied, it is very attractive. It is a product that we offer and recommend to our customers with its waterway pattern structure. Botanica Beige Marble is a lightly speckled classic beige natural stone with a light ivory floor and aesthetic vein pattern. Its texture is uniform. Botanica Beige Marble grain is very fine and has some rare whitish and golden yellow veins. With its cream color, this type of stone is one of the most admired marbles. Suitable for almost any venue. Especially Botanica Beige Marble is suitable for outdoor flooring thanks to its resistance. This marble can be used for wall and floor coverings, stairs, windowsills, kitchen countertops, etc. can also be used for.

Beige Marble is one of the calmest marbles for flooring and wall applications. Botanica Beige Marble tiles will be perfect for your bathroom floors, kitchen floors, room walls or exterior walls. Botanica Beige Marble slabs can be produced with polished, honed or sandblasted marble surfaces. With its polished surface and soft color, it will refresh your living spaces and is suitable for all kinds of furniture. Botanica Beige Marble is also suitable for kitchen countertops, countertops, stairs, sinks.

Burdur Beige Marble, which has a soft color tone, is one of the marble varieties that architectural offices and designers prefer intensely because it adapts easily to almost every decoration. You can add a difference to your living spaces with polished mosaic application in home decoration, you can give an authentic texture to the TV unit wall of your living room as split stone, or you can add elegance to your space with a washbasin made of Burdur Beige Marble in your bathrooms. In addition, you can enrich your decoration by using a central motif that requires fine workmanship in the entrance floor of your villa, hotel or business center with waterjet application with dark marbles.

Ottoman Beige Marble has brown-toned and crater-looking matte patterns. It is used in interior and exterior cladding, step and flooring applications. It is also known in the market as Otoman Beige, Ottoman Beige, Ottoman Rose Marble. Ottoman adorned with a unique texture on light cream background beige marble, beige marble is among the most valuable kinds of Turkey. Our stone type, which is one of the frequently preferred beige marbles in CNC applications, is generally applied with marbles such as Spanish Dark Marble. Ottoman Beige, beige marble is extracted from a kind in Turkey. This stone is mainly used for countertops, mosaic, exterior – interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and wall coverings and other design projects.

Ottoman Beige Marble is the most preferred light color decorative appearance in the natural stone market and has a high ability to polish. It is in the most aesthetic light beige group. Surface treatments such as tumbled, polished, brushed, honed, hammered Ottoman Beige Marble can be applied. It is used in floor covering, wall covering, step covering, door and elevator edge covering, fireplace covering, kitchen counter and bathroom countertops, handrail, construction covering, projects, sized, beveled windowsills, handrails, elevators and facade coverings. The visual appearance is brought to the best level by the configuration with other stones such as emperador, red color, brown emperador within the floor covering.