Brume Marble has gray and light blue colors. It has a mixed pattern. Brume Marble is preferred for indoor and outdoor flooring, kitchen countertops, marble tables and coffee tables, and decorative works.

Tundra Gray Marble is the most striking form of gray color tones, which are indispensable for architectural projects. It has a soft appearance with its wrinkled net structure and white vein entrances on the gray floor. It appears as floor covering and wall covering in large areas of hotels, business centers, shopping malls and residence projects. Gray tones are also preferred for exterior cladding. Brume Marble is a factor in the orientation of architects to this product thanks to the harmony it provides with other decoration products. Although it is usually used alone as the main floor stone in large areas of projects, especially its harmony with brown, black, cream and white colors draws attention.

According to customer request, Tundra Blue Marble will add a stylish touch to your spaces in garden decoration in landscaping areas, shower tray and shower area wall covering in wet areas, countertop and sink manufacturing. Tundra Blue Marble, which attracts great attention both in Turkey and abroad, can be applied in waterjet core patterns by combining with different color marbles. Tundra Light Gray Marble is used as floor and wall covering especially in boutique housing and villa projects, hotel rooms, bathroom sections, lobby and restaurants, etc.

Tundra gray reflects the unique and noble tone of gray on the floors of your living spaces in its most beautiful form. Tundra Gray Marble, which has the heat-proof and hardness of gray marble, will create a unique combination between your living spaces and floors. Tundra Gray Marble will serve you for many years without losing anything from its aesthetic beauty with its easy-to-clean feature. If you want to use the unique features of Tundra Gray in different parts of your living spaces, you can choose this marble in your kitchens, bathrooms and wall coverings. Gray Marble, which offers you a wide range of use in countertops in your kitchens and bathrooms, is among the marble types you can choose without worrying about its quality due to its resistance to water and external factors such as cutting and impact. The harmonious combination of gray with other colors will give your homes, offices, workplaces and companies a contemporary and stylish look. Due to the darker tone of gray, Tundra Gray is not recommended for garden and exterior buildings.

Tundra Gray is a kind of gray marble extracted in Turkey. This stone is especially good for exterior – interior wall and floor applications, columns, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall capping and other design projects. It is also called Tundra Gray Marble, Tundra Blue Marble, Gray Tundra Marble, Kale Gray Marble in the market. Tundra Gray Marble; It contains gray and approximate color tones. It is preferred as flooring and stairway stone in shopping malls and office areas. Gray tone is undoubtedly among the 3 most preferred colors in floor coverings. It is one of our local and high-stock products that we recommend for our customers who want to design a floor as a marble material. Dark gray dots accompanying the smooth surface of Tundra Gray Marble light gray marble provide depth. Thin short lines are used with the desired decoration in the bathroom, kitchen counter, living room, office, stair steps, which give the impression of cracks. Tundra Gray Marble, which is one of the preferred marble types for indoor applications, can be used alone as the main marble.

Gray Tundra Marble is one of the marble varieties adorned with light gray background fine vein entrances. Gray Tundra Marble, which is one of our important marble varieties in both local and international projects, thanks to its durability and beautiful appearance, you can supply tundra gray marble used in areas such as surface coating and decoration in requested sizes and properties.