Looking at the historical process, marble has been the main material of the buildings. In today’s modern architecture, marble is widely used as a covering material. One of the most important tasks of marble gives the structure an aesthetic appearance. This task depends significantly on the compatibility of marble with other materials used in buildings. In this sense, Beige Marble is a product with a high rate of preference due to its very harmonious color. Beige Marble is used extensively because it can be found in high amounts in nature, it is a color that does not suffocate the area it is applied to, and it can match many other colors. Turkey is a very important part of the beige quarry is in a range of hues can be described as dark and light beige.

Bursa Light Beige is beige marble with cream background and light brown colors. It is the world’s favorite Beige Marble and you can use it in all projects on floors, walls, indoor and outdoor. Bursa Beige, beige marble is extracted from a kind in Turkey. This stone is especially good for wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaics, fountains, pool and wall coverings, stairs, window sills and other design projects. It is also named as Bursa Light Beige Marble, Bursa Cream Marfil Marble, Bursa Beige Dark Marble, Bursa Dark Beige Marble, Bursa Beige Marble in the market.

Bursa Beige is a light beige marble with medium veins and a relatively diverse background. It also offers occasional darker streaks and some light shaded areas. This is the best known Bursa Beige variety and is widely available in the market. We mostly carry premium Bursa Beige marble but some sizes are also available in standard quality for commercial work. Bursa Beige is sometimes used together with light or dark Emperador marbles in the same applications.

Although the marbles are divided according to their types, they are generally the same in terms of usage and quality. In addition, marbles are more durable than other building materials. Bursa Light Beige Marble and Dark Beige Marble constantly maintains their brightness with marble polishing in terms of color.

Turkey is a very rich country in terms of marble reserves. Therefore, the marbles are very durable and of high quality. In addition, there is a marble company that is rich with marble processing, color range and varieties. The color range, quality and durability reveal the difference of marble companies that provide really advanced service in this regard.

Bursa Light Beige is used in floor coverings, step and window sills, outdoor decorations and facade covering. Bursa White Beige is also known as Bursa Light Beige. Moved into its own light beige color was known both in Turkey and around the world sought between types of beige marble. The resemblance of our marble type to Crema Marfil, the world famous marble of the Spanish, has significantly increased the production and demand of Bursa Light Beige.

Bursa Cream Marfil Marble has beige colored, nearly white patterns and spots. Bursa Cream Marfil Marble is preferred for wall and indoor floor coverings, marble table and coffee table applications and special decorative ornaments. It is one of our frequently used beige marble models and one of the rare products in yellow-light white intermediate color structure. We can say that it is an extremely successful and beautiful product in terms of price / quality index. The background of this marble is a soft beige marble tinted with slightly noticeable veins with cream, cinnamon, white and even golden ivory tones. Bursa Cream Marfil Marble is one of the most sought after and demanded natural stones for design projects. It fills the space with warm light. Bursa Cream Marfil Marble is especially popular for wall and floor coverings in bathrooms and living rooms. By applying this marble, you can create beautiful staircases, kitchen and bar shelves, countertops, decorative details of residential and commercial interiors.