Calacatta marble, a type of marble originating in Italy, is an aesthetic product created by spreading the elegance of smooth white on the entire surface, which is very harmoniously distributed with black or gray patterns on white. You can easily use Calacatta marble in all areas you want, which can be used in more private areas with its developing architectural touches. Since it is resistant to scratches and impacts, it will have a new appearance for years like the first day. This product, which has Calacatta marble options such as polished, sanded, honed and brushed, also has different cut and surface options. In addition, Calacatta marble, which has many bottom color options and vein differences, has different texture options; provides alternative solutions for architects, designers and practitioners.

Calacatta marble is in the white color group. It is a stone with white color and gray common patterns. However, the feature that distinguishes this marble from other marbles is that it has gray veins on the white ground. In addition, Calacatta marble is a type of thick marble with a high degree of hardness. Although it is known as an Italian marble type, it is available in our country from this marble. When blended with other marble types, a very beautiful image emerges.

Calacatta marble can be used in flooring and flooring, facade and wall covering, stair steps, table and coffee table decoration, kitchen countertops, bathroom and toilet sinks. However, when the texture of Calacatta marble is different and because of its scarcity, its price is higher than other marble types. For this reason, using it in smaller quantities will not strain your budget. For this reason, it will be more appropriate to use in less areas. Calacatta marble can be used in all kinds of interior and exterior coating and flooring works, kitchen and bathroom designs, tables and special decorative products.

It would be more appropriate to use Calacatta marble countertops, bathroom and toilet sinks. Although its appearance is quite beautiful, it is a rare type of marble. The most important feature that distinguishes Afyon Calacatta Marble from other white marbles is the density of gray, sometimes slightly greenish veins that spread on the white background and its thickness. The feature of Calacatta marble is that the texture is intense and the amount extracted from the quarries is very small in the total amount. Calacatta marble is a precious stone and its price is higher than other marbles. This is why architects and designers generally prefer Calacatta marble in boutique housing, plaza lobby and boutique projects.