Looking at the historical process, marble has been the main material of buildings. In today’s modern architecture, marble is widely used as a covering material. One of the most important tasks of marble gives the structure an aesthetic appearance. This task depends significantly on the compatibility of marble with other materials used in buildings. In this sense, beige marble is a product with a high rate of preference due to its very harmonious color.

Beige marble is used extensively because it can be found in high amounts in nature, it is a color that does not make the area it is applied bleak, and it is compatible with many other colors. Turkey is a very important part of the furnace in a range of hues can be described as dark and light beige.

Thanks to its homogeneous structure, Beige Marble can work in harmony with other dark natural stones, which are demanded as high-quality flooring stones in luxury projects. Beige Marble is used in interior flooring, wall covering and column covering areas in all buildings with large areas such as business centers, airports, hotels and fairgrounds. The surfaces into which light veins enter are separated in factories and grouped. Due to the presence of many vein structure appearances, project-based requests should primarily be determined by the stone with the most suitable vein structure.

Beige marble used in many projects International America, Arab countries and the Republic of Turkey is a country made export high quantities. The cream and light tones of the stone, which does not have many alternatives in application projects with high-quality flooring, provides the integrity and clean appearance in the application area. Beige Marble is applied in five-star hotel projects with wall coverings and steps, including the entrance parts, with different sized materials. Beige Marble homogeneous and beige productions with other wavy web structure can be used at transition points. Due to the high production capacity, requests can be responded quickly and the required production quality control is passed through to the projects. Quality applied stones add extra value to the projects. Beige Marble can work in harmony with other accessories used for decoration due to its light cream color tones.

Beige Marble uses white and cream tones more often in large projects because the dark tones of the large area flooring and covering areas make the environment muffled. Beige Marble has a stylish design in the flooring area due to its lack of vein structure and its tighter crystal structure. Those with different appearance can be used together with selection as a transition stone. The production time should be planned well for high-volume project-based demands that are produced less than other stones. Natural stones produced in Burdur and its surroundings are recognized all over the world and can find a place especially abroad. The selections used as Beige Marble interior wide area flooring and coating give very efficient results in ensuring homogeneity and integrity throughout the application. Epoxy mesh application is applied in many types to increase strength. Beige Marble is rarely used in application areas such as countertops and sinks where a decorative appearance is requested.

Crema Foret Marble, this stone is especially preferred for building stone, fireplaces, stairs, countertops, sinks, monuments, poolside, thresholds, ornamental stones, mosaic, interior, exterior, wall, floor, pavement and other design projects.

Crema Foret Marble is used in interior and exterior coatings of projects, floor covering, stair steps, floor and wall covering of bathrooms, bathroom countertop application, column coverings. In addition, there are applications in fireplace lining. Extremely bright spaces are achieved with its white appearance. Crema Foret Marble, which is also demanded as polished mosaic, can be combined with marbles of different colors to create mosaic sets.

Those who want to add splendor to their home decoration can also choose Crema Foret. In interior decoration, it can be used as a dining table, coffee table or even as decorative objects such as trinkets, candle holders and ashtrays. Crema Foret Beige Marble, which has a classic look, also adds a classic look to your homes.