Elazıg Cherry & Rosso Levanto

Elazig Cherry marble or known by the common name in the world Rosso Levanto marble, dark purple, cherry red and strong white veined marble and is quarrying in Turkey. Elazig marble is especially good for exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall coverings and other design projects. Marble quarrying from Alacakaya district, with a cherry-colored, veined structure, attracting great attention for decorative purposes, is exported to 60 countries in 4 continents. For Elazig, the main element of the marble sector is Elazig Cherry stone. District of Elazig Alacakaya marble is one of the first colored marble types produced in Turkey. Elazig Cherry, known as the Italian stone all over the world years ago and called Rosso Levanto in the world marble literature. Now has begun to be known as Elazig stone all over the world. Elazig has been a center where producers interested in this stone in the sector show great interest. Elazig to have an important place in marble sector throughout Turkey is due largely Elazig Cherry marble. Elazig Cherry marble is lso known as; Red Levanto Marble, Cherry Red Marble, Elazig Sour Cherry Marble, Elazig Burgundy Marble, Red Levante Turkish Marble, Marmo Rosa Levantino, Rosa Levanto Marble, Marmol Rosso Levante Turcia, Rosso Levante Turchia Marmol, Rosso Levanto Turchia, Rosso Cherry Turchia. The recommended usage areas of Elazig Marble are exterior – interior wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall coverings and other design projects. Red Marble is one of the most exciting marbles for flooring and wall applications. Rosso Levanto Marble tiles can be produced as polished or honed. Red Marble is also used in kitchen countertops, countertops, stairs, sinks, etc. Also suitable for. Elazig cherry marble fine arts, decoration and construction sector are the main usage areas of this marble. Interior and exterior coatings of architectural works, decoration works, especially in kitchen, balcony and stairs work; The use of red marble in the making of monuments, sculptures, ornaments and souvenirs is increasing day by day.