Fume marble; There are gray main tone black and brown small dot patterns. It is mostly used in outdoor floor coverings, step and sill applications and decoration products. Fume marble; It is known in the market with the names Tiger Hide, Gray Marble, Kütahya Black Marble, Sky marble, Bardiglio and Fume

Gray marbles have an intermediate color tone, they are used in many places and areas. Its use continues to increase day by day. It is one of the most preferred marble types due to its many features.

Gray Marble is used for decorative purposes due to its feature of being an intermediate color. Gray Dark Marble A perfect combination can be created with dark colors. Gray Marble consists of homogeneous components and are resistant to external influences. The wonderful color and texture of Gray Marble are among the reasons to be preferred. Gray Marbles are hard and heat proof. It fits perfectly between the floor and the kitchen counter in places such as the kitchen.

Kütahya Gray Marble is quarried in Kütahya. When it comes to natural stone, this marble comes to mind. It has a magnificent appearance and a gray surface. If you want to have a noble image in your environment, Kütahya Gray Marble will be a great choice. It has different patterns on its surface. We have to say that Kütahya Gray Marble is a marble that manages to attract attention with its elegance.

Thanks to the high quality of Kütahya Gray Marble, you can ensure that your buildings are durable, stylish and efficient for many years. Kütahya Gray Marble is advantageous because it does not hold moisture. Due to its durable surface, Kütahya Gray Marble is used in the long term.

Tiger skins of marble, is a kind of gray marble extracted in Turkey. This stone is especially preferred to use countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior – interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and wall coverings, stairs, window sills and other design projects.

Tiger skin marble; It is among the most popular marbles for those looking for homogeneity due to the harmony of their patterns. Tiger skin marble, which is a highly preferred marble in floor applications, is the marble demanded in exterior floor coverings. Tiger skin marble; It is preferred to be used in sculpture and monument works, kitchen and bathroom countertops, flooring, pools and baths. Tiger skin marble is among the most preferred marbles in domestic and international projects.

Tiger skin marble; It adds elegance to every area where dark color patterns are used in harmony. Tiger skin marble is among the most preferred marble in the stair steps. Tiger skin marble is hard and homogeneous. Tiger skin is a feature of marble to have a hard and homogeneous structure. Due to the simplicity of the colors, Tiger skin marble is frequently preferred in large spaces. Tiger skin marble, in which gray and white colors are dominant, is also preferred for use in decorative products.

The blue color of sky marble marble adds depth and calmness to the environment where it is used. Sky marble is a type of marble that is preferred in interior applications in sinks and countertops. The white veins and blue color create a rich and impressive structure in sky marble. There is a high demand for sky marble or sky gray marble in kitchen and bathroom interiors, windowsills, stairs, wall coverings.

Kütahya black marble; It is one of the magnificent marble varieties used for stylish and modern designs with decorative features. Black marbles provide a visually different and impressive style in the areas where they are used. Kutahya black marble creates a remarkable beauty, especially when combined with light colors. Kütahya can reflect the brightness of black marble, which makes it appreciate the user. The modern appearance of the black color adds to the environment, making it highly preferred indoors and outdoors. The black color of Kütahya black marble is very clear, which also highlights the vein lines in it. Many designers and architects reflect the nobility of black marble in their projects. Kütahya black marble is very easy to clean and provides great convenience to people. In addition, marbles are long-lasting stones. In addition, Kütahya black marble can be used with other marble groups. It must be purchased from a factory in order to avoid color tone differences between black marbles, which have a wide area of ​​use.

Sky marble; It is a type of marble also known as Gök marble or Afyon sky gray, which takes its name in the blue color of marble. Sky marble is used in hotel lobby and bathroom cladding, villa entrance garden and landscape application, boutique hotel, building siding. Marble, also known as Afyon sky and Afyon gray; interior flooring, building entrance wall covering, TV unit back, window sill, handrail on the wall, Indoor and outdoor area Step baseboard, jamb, marble massive column, bath basin. The handrail is also used as a railing. Afyon sky marble, also known as Afyon gray, Afyon fume, is preferred to be used together with Afyon white marble and Afyon gray marbles in areas where they are applied. Sky marble is also used in outdoor applications. The harmony of the white lines on the marble and the blue color in the floor coverings offers an elegant look to the area where it is applied.

Bardiglio marble is our marble demanded by those who will have wall covering, floor covering, stair step or bathroom work in projects. A shower tray in bathroom works and Bardiglio as a wall covering will add elegance to your marble spaces. Bardiglio marble, which is the center of attention of our architectural offices and our designers, which include gray tones in almost all of their projects, also attracts great attention as meshed mosaic stone in decoration projects. It is seen that Bardiglio marble is used in the common areas of villa, business center, hotel projects and housing projects in urban transformation. It can be easily combined with our marbles in different color tones such as brown, black, cream and white in projects. Thanks to its durability and beautiful appearance, Bardiglio marble is used in areas such as surface coating and decoration. Bardiglio marble is especially good for countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior – interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and wall coverings, stairs, window sills and other design projects. Bardiglio marble; It is a fine-grained, dark silver-gray cloudy marbleBardiglio marble is preferred for all kinds of special design and coating works in bathrooms, living rooms and interior areas, and for large and small marble table and coffee table applications. Bardiglio; It is preferred in exterior – interior wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall coverings.