Imperial Red Granite attracts attention with its distinctive red color. This wonderful granite, which is in the category of Indian granite, immediately shows that it comes from the colorful world of India with its noble colors. Each of the Imperial Red Granite with black and white dots on red has its own unique patterns. For this reason, it is almost impossible to find two Imperial Red Granites with the same pattern. Since it consists of different patterns on different tables, each piece is a product of an invaluable unique art. This type of granite, which brings magnificence to every area where it is used with its honeycomb appearance and fire red color, has a very common use network. Red-toned, yellow, gray and black with small patterns. Imperial Red Granite is preferred in all interior and exterior applications, architectural designs, table and counter projects. We can say that it is the most consumed stone in the market in red granite applications and direct stock sales. The most important reasons behind this demand are that it is easy to process, slightly lower priced than other models and is widely heard by customers.New Imperial Red, also known as New Indian Red Granite, is the most preferred and known granite in the industry. It is among the preferences of the sellers due to the easy processing and shaping feature of the stone, and the users who use it with its color structure. It is combined with kitchen cabinets in terms of color tone. Imperial Red is generally in red tone, yellow, gray and black small patterned structure.

Imperial Red is a volcanic stone that was formed several billion years ago. Naturally beautiful and durable, ImperialRed is prized for siding, countertops, water features or wherever a long-lasting material is needed. The new Imperial Red Granite is scratch proof, weather proof and sanitary. New Imperial Red Granite, quarried in India, adds real value to every project it develops. The solid durability and weather resistance of New Imperial Red Granite is combined with the light, strong and easy-to-use honeycomb. This creates a stronger, more durable panel that can resist wind, seismic loads, and impact. The new Imperial Red Granite is perfect for stone curtain wall panels, exterior or interior granite cladding, water features, countertops, furniture, elevator panels and wherever a long-lasting, naturally beautiful stone is needed. It is known in the market as Imperial Red Granite, New Imperial granite, Ruby Red Granite, Generally Indian Red granite, India Red Granite.

Imperial Red Granite reflects the most vivid form of the series red that can be used indoors on kitchen countertops or furniture on tables. Mobility is provided with black and almost pink-like red. It reflects the most vivid form of the series red, which can be used on the kitchen countertops or on the table in furniture indoors. Dynamism is provided with red, close to black and pink.

Ruby Red Granite is similar to scattered pearls / red flowers on a pink base, the look it gives after installed on the floor and walls is very nice.

Imperial Red Granite is one of the hardest stones and gives a good shine after polishing. The durability of the polish is also a long-lasting and maintenance-free feature. After fixing and using, it does not damage with scratches, does not stain. It enriches buildings and provides an attractive appearance when applied. Again, it has more than one usage area. Depending on what ideas will be used to use this New Imperial Red granite, it suits the architect and designer of the floor and commercial and residential home villas and institutional building thinking. India Red Granite is a fine-grained granite that has an overall dark red color with hints of magenta and black throughout. It has perfect contrast.