There are dozens of large and small spots in this natural stone type, where iris marble can be found in gray and white spots on black. Iris marble, which perfectly reflects the most preferred gray tones in architectural applications, reveals unique natural beauties in the environments where it is used. Iris marble has a beautiful appearance in gray tone and large patterns. It is a product that we use frequently, especially in areas such as bathrooms, baths, swimming pools. Its dark tone provides great convenience in exterior areas in terms of decoration.

Iris marble is a special stone that can be used even in gravestone, monument and sculpture works. Its unique appearance is due to the intense colors and patterns it carries on. There are dozens of large and small spots in this natural stone type, where all shades of gray can be found on black. Iris marble has a mottled structure rather than a veined structure. It is one of the most preferred products by those looking for homogeneity and uniqueness. No two layers are exactly alike. This makes it one of the favorite building materials.

Iris marble, which is extremely stylish in terms of decoration, also draws attention with its wide usage area. This type of marble, which is also involved in artistic activities, can give spaces a different stance. In addition, it is preferred by many people because of its easy cleaning. Tiger Skin marble models, one of the most preferred marble types in wall and floor applications, are used in areas such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, flooring, pools and baths. Tiger Skin marbles with gray-weighted white patterns have an extremely aesthetic appearance. It is one of the most preferred marble types, especially in areas such as bathrooms, baths, swimming pools. The design of Tiger Skin marble in dark tones provides a great advantage to the users in outdoor areas in terms of decorative. Thanks to the Tiger Skin marble varieties whose usage area continues to increase with each passing day, you can give your spaces a different stance.

The iris marble, the natural color of the stone, gives the stone a noble appearance and strengthens the feeling that it is durable and durable. It is not really misleading in this regard. This building material, which is highly resistant, is affected by adverse weather conditions at the minimum level. This also makes it unrivaled in siding and flooring. The black color that iris marble carries is also very suitable for outdoor use, because it will not show dirt or stains as it can quickly become dirty outdoors. On the other hand, it can be cleaned very quickly when it gets dirty. This is one of the plus properties of the stone.

Afyon white gray marble is preferred with its original design and functional features. This type of marble, which draws attention with its quality, can be used in different areas. It will now be possible to display your spaces under a pleasant image. It is a great product equipped with white yellow stripes. It allows to provide the heat insulation you want in our environments in the best way. There is no such thing as throwing in color. One of the advantages of the product is that it will not lose its brightness for a lifetime. Iris marble manages to be a product used in building projects as needed.

Afyon gray marble production is the marble model that corporate companies have recently requested. The gray marble model is produced in our city of Afyon. Other areas of inference; Marmara Island, Bilecik, Bursa, Sivas and Kütahya are other extraction sites. Made of natural structure, marbles have become used in environments with high sensitivity to health such as saunas, baths and hospitals.

If we look at the hardness property of opium gray marble, the hardness coefficient was measured as 4 (Mohs). We meet the requestes of our customers in Afyon gray marble model and other models. Afyon gray marble, a marble that is resistant to weathering and durable, can be easily used in interior and exterior coatings. With the simplicity of the gray color, Iris marble is frequently preferred in public buildings.

Afyon dark gray marble product is a marble product with gray in the foreground. This marble stone, which has light white tones, has a very hard structure. Therefore, it is frequently used in interior and exterior coatings. However, it is also resistant to many adverse conditions. Afyon dark gray marble product is extracted from marble quarries in Afyon city. It becomes use after going through various processes in factories. In addition to interior and exterior coatings, it is especially used in floor and bathroom coatings. It also has a wide range of uses such as kitchen countertops, stair treads, ashtrays and vases.

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