Thanks to its homogeneous structure, Beige Marble can work in harmony with other dark natural stones, which are demanded as high-quality flooring stones in luxury projects. Beige Marble is used in interior flooring, wall covering and column covering areas in all buildings with large areas such as business centers, airports, hotels and fairgrounds. The surfaces into which light movements enter are separated in factories and grouped. Due to the presence of many vein structure appearances, project-based requests should primarily be determined by the stone with the most suitable vein structure.

Beige marble used in many projects International America, Arab countries and the Republic of Turkey is a country made export high quantities. The cream and light tones of the stone, which does not have many alternatives in application projects where high-quality flooring is made, provides the integrity and clean appearance in the application area. Beige Marble is applied in five-star hotel projects with wall coverings and steps, including the entrance parts, with material with different structures. Beige Marble is homogeneous and beige productions with other wavy web structure can be used at transition points. Due to the high production capacity, requests can be responded quickly and the required production quality control is passed through to the projects. Quality applied stones add extra value to the projects. Beige Marble can work in harmony with other accessories used for decoration due to its light cream color tones.

Beige Marble uses white and cream tones more frequently in large projects, since the dark tones of the large area flooring and covering areas make the environment bright. Beige Marble has a stylish design in the flooring area due to its lack of vein structure and its tighter crystal structure. Those with different appearance can be used together with selection as a transition stone. The production time should be planned well for high-volume project-based demands that are produced less than other stones. The natural stones produced in Burdur and its vicinity are known all over the world and can find a place especially abroad. The selections used as Beige Marble interior wide area flooring and coating give very efficient results in ensuring homogeneity and integrity throughout the application. Epoxy mesh application is applied in many types to increase strength. Beige Marble is rarely used in application areas such as countertops and sinks where a decorative appearance is requested.

Emperador Marble is among the most preferred natural stone application and design marble products of today. Because the marble type, which is processed at the dolomitic level in the productions carried out in the quarries and stands out with its veined structure, is seen as an emperador.

When examining the quality of a marble, it is measured how homogeneous and dense the spider web in its texture, in other words, its fine veins. In this context, when examined products extracted from Turkey, which is adaptable with natural stones, forming a variety of colors and textures in the direction of Emperador marble constitutes a quality image reveals a high quality.

Although Emperador Marble is in the category of beige color marble varieties, two different types are the most frequently used varieties in the market. The first of these varieties is Light Emperador Classic Marble, which has light yellow vein entrances and has a homogeneous structure. The other variety, Emperador Dark Marble, has a very unique appearance, especially in decoration.

When examined, Light Emperador Marble creates a naive image with a light color and is preferred for elegance in decoration. Very fine veins such as lace, the floor of which is usually yellow, can be clearly seen. It is among the most frequently produced yellow-colored marbles of our country and it is frequently used for areas such as floor coverings, wall coverings and stairs, thanks to its durable structure indoors and outdoors, together with the fact that the veins have an equivalent appearance.

Emperador Dark Marble products, on the other hand, have an exotic atmosphere and are preferred as an image of both nobility and wealth. While the ground is black, it creates a noble appearance thanks to its yellow gold-colored veins, and offers a healthy use with its natural stone structure. This product, which is produced in Alanya, Antalya and Demirtaş regions in our country, is preferred for interior and exterior decoration with a classic appearance.

Emperador Marble, which has been used especially in interior designs in recent years, is among the modern and stylish marble varieties. Light Emperador Classic Marble offers ease of use and comfort in areas where it is used. Specially produced in factories, the quality and durability of the marbles come to the fore. Light Emperador Classic Marble, which is generally used in brown tones, is a type of marble that is compatible with natural stones decorated with spider web veins. Today, shades of gray are also used by many architects and designers. Due to its natural stone appearance, it is a type of marble sought by many designers. The quality of the marble is determined by the density of the fine veins in it and the homogeneity of its color.

Emperador Marbles produced for many surface treatments are generally preferred for polished. In addition, it is produced in brush decrement and sandblasted surface treatments. In addition, Emperador Marbles are used in many areas according to customers’ requests.

Light Emperador Classic Marble is used in many areas due to its stylish and modern appearance. It is a type of marble that attracts the attention of customers with its structure. It is preferred in areas such as hotels, hospitals and villas. It is also used in stairs, steps, tables, bathrooms, floors. Emperador Marble is a type of marble that is frequently used in the decoration of buildings.

Bursa Emperador Marble is preferred in the construction of wall covering, stairs, stairs, rails, handrails, door sills, skirting elevators and door jambs, bathroom and kitchen benches, tables and coffee tables. Bursa Emperador Marble, fireplace decorative items, column covering, exterior floor covering stones, stairs, stairs, tables, coffee tables, counter paving stones and borders, pool and fountain columns, handrails and arches, swimming pool coverings, monuments and sculptures can be used as processed stones for gardening.

Bursa Light Emperador has an intense dark pattern with beige tones. Bursa Light Emperador is preferred for hall and living room applications, floor projects in large public institutions and hotels. Bursa Emperador Marble; Light Beige Marble is also known as Bursa Light Emperdor.

Emperador Light Marble is preferred by many natural stone applicators, architects and designers due to its structure and color. It has a structure that adapts very comfortably to any environment with its different structure and harmonious colors, with a pattern similar to golden-yellow spider webs on a dark or light yellow background. The factor determining the quality of Emperador Light Marble is determined by the frequency of fine veins on the surface and its homogeneity. Generally, polishing process is preferred, but other surface treatments can be applied according to usage areas. While the usage areas are determined according to the demands of the customers, it can be made suitable for use in the requested places.

Emperador marble is among the most well-known in Turkey Light Marble, view with yellow veins on a yellow background has a natural structure to take homogenous. It is put into production with high quantities while production is made in many factories with a yellow color tone on demand. Emperador Light Marble, which is especially extracted in Bursa and its borders, has a very aesthetic structure in terms of usage.

Light Emperador Marble, which has been produced from marble quarries that has been processed for many years, is now processed in the most productive parts. Light Emperador is known as the most well-known yellow marble in Turkey and preferred, impresses with the quality and structure.

Bursa Emperador Marble is suitable for use in many areas and places due to its structure and properties. It is generally used in private structures such as hotels, business centers, private properties and villas. The second class marbles are offered for sale especially in the domestic market. Bursa Emperador Marble, which is used in many projects abroad, adds a sympathetic air to the environment and changes its atmosphere with its processing according to the place of use and the elegance of its vein structure. It can be sold as block, size and slab in our factory upon request. Special prices are determined for your use by cutting according to the place and place you will use.

One of the most common uses of Emperador marble having a family and still most known varieties are used in Turkey Bursa Light Emperdor. Small veins like spider webs seen on the yellow ground add a fascinating beauty to the stone. Its dense fine-grained and homogeneous appearance increases its naturalness. It is one of the indispensable marble varieties of our architects and designers due to its harmonious structure with different color marbles. If used in combination, the first option that comes to mind is Dark Emperador, also from the Emperador family. Emperador Marble has been appearing in apartment entrances and floor corridors of residential projects, especially in urban transformation, in recent years. It has a wide range of uses such as floor covering, wall covering, border, skirting, stair step. Due to its homogeneous structure, it can also be used as a main stone in large flooring areas. Considering that the production of products that add value to home decoration such as dining tables and coffee tables with natural stone attracts a lot of attention, Bursa Emperador Marble is one of the most used natural stones in these productions.

The most common usage is seen with Dark Emperador. While the main ground stone is Light Emperador Marble, Dark Emperador is used as wedge flooring or border flooring. Or, the stair step can be Light Emperador Marble, while the pier can be Dark Emperador. Combining with marbles of different colors, decorative core motifs are obtained with waterjet application. The use of Bursa Emperador Marble in landscape areas has also increased in recent years. It changes the atmosphere of the projects with walkway, facade covering and even decorative flowerpots and column productions. It is also used extensively in business centers, hotels, hospitals and villas.