Afyon Blue Marble, a kind of grayish blue marbles extracted in Turkey. This stone is especially good for Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, monuments, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and other design projects. It is also called Afyon Gray Marble, Afyon Sky Marble, Afyon Cloud Marble, Afyon Blue Marble.

Marine Blue; It is a type of marble also known as Afyon blue marble or Afyon gray marble, which takes its name in the blue color of marble. Afyon blue marble is used in hotel lobby and bathroom cladding, villa entrance garden and landscape application, boutique hotel, building facade cladding. Marble, also known as Afyon sky and Afyon gray; It is also used as interior flooring, building entrance wall covering, TV unit back, window sill, handrail on the wall, indoor and outdoor step baseboards, jamb, marble massive column, bath basin, image detail and handrail railing. Afyon blue marble, also known as Afyon Gray, Afyon Cloud marble, is preferred to be used together with Afyon white marble and Afyon Gray marbles in areas where they are applied.

Gray Afyon marble, is a kind of gray marble extracted in Turkey. This stone is especially preferred for Building stone, countertops, sinks, monuments, pool coping, thresholds, ornamental stones, interior, exterior, wall, floor, pavement and other design projects. It is also named Afyon Gray Marble, Afyon Gray Light Marble, Afyon Gray Dark Marble, Afyon Cloud Marble, Afyon Dumani Marble, Afyon Sky Marble. Afyon Gray Marble; polished, cut, sanded, stone faced, sandblasted, tumbled etc. can be processed as.

Clean Gray Marble Afyon, Turkey has enacted a kind of gray marble. This stone is especially suitable for Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall coverings and other design projects. Since Afyon Temiz Gray marble products provide a characteristic structure, they are frequently preferred at different points and especially in business areas. In this respect, Afyon Temiz Gray marble, which is one of the important examples of gray marble products, is frequently used in areas such as business centers, shopping malls, residences and hotels.

Afyon Temiz Gray marble, which is one of the popular options in gray marbles, is among the products liked by architects. Afyon Clean Gray marble can be used alone as well as it can create a good harmony with marble types in different colors such as brown or beige. Afyon Clean Gray marble is fabricated with certain standard sizes or optional sizes, and the cleaning operations performed at certain periods on this first class marble help to obtain a much longer and durable product.

As it has a durable and beautiful appearance, Afyon Temiz Gray marble adds a characteristic visuality to the structure thanks to the result it creates in the area where it is applied. Afyon Temiz Gray marble reveals a different use with its changing vein appearance, especially in terms of applications such as outdoor flooring or indoor coating.

Afyon Gray, Afyon Bulut marble or Afyon Gök marble consists of calcite crystals of light or ash gray color, with a completely saccharoid structure, showing sometimes light and sometimes dark bands. In the area where it is located, it gradually transitions to Afyon sugar in the horizontal direction and Afyon sugar and cream in the vertical direction.

Afyon Blue marble; The blue color of marble adds depth and calmness to the environment where it is used. Afyon sky marble is a type of marble that is preferred for interior applications in sinks and countertops. White veins and blue color create a rich and impressive structure in Afyon blue marble. There is a high demand for Afyon Sky marble or Afyon Bulut marble in kitchens and bathrooms, windowsills, stairs, wall coverings. Afyon blue marble is suitable for flooring and covering; black and white marble mosaic, white marble jamb, white and black marble sink, etc. Can be combined with products. Afyon Sky marble is also used in outdoor applications. The harmony of the white lines on the marble and the blue color in the floor coverings offers an elegant look to the area where it is applied. The other name of blue marble abroad is known as Sky Blue Marble, Blue Sky, Blue Sky Gray.

In our Efesusstone company, Afyon sky marble is named after our Blue Moon, Blue Bahia, Marine Blue and Bardiglio Blue marbles. Our Afyon Cloudy marbles are preferred indoors and outdoors, and there is a high demand for Afyon Blue marble in the bathroom and kitchen sections.