This stone is especially good for building stone, countertops, sinks, monuments, pool coping, sills, ornamental stone, interior, exterior and other design projects. In addition, Afyon Pink MarbleBilecik Rosalya, Crema Patricia, Marmor Ararat Rosa, Rosa Ararat, Rosalia Cream, Rosalya, Rosemary, Rosalia, Rosalia Pink, Rosalia Pink Marble, Rosalia Light, Rosalia Light Marble, Light Rosalia, Rosalia Dark, Marble Rosalia is also known.

Rosalia is one of the many stone options available for stone panels. The natural beauty of marble combined with the strength of the aluminum honeycomb backing creates a durable stone panel that is easy to work with. Marbles like Rosalia have been prized throughout history for their shine and natural beauty. Rosalia marble was formed ages ago when limestone was exposed to intense pressure and heat. Calcite crystals formed like millions of tiny jewels gave the natural Rosalia marble a beautiful shine.

Rosalia Pink marble has a pink toned and white mixed appearance. It is preferred in floor and floor covering, interior and exterior wall coverings, step works. Rosalia Light marble; has a beige main body color. It presents a pink-beige appearance due to its veins close to red.

Bilecik Rosalya marble; It has a pink toned and white mixed appearance. This marble, which is another one brought from Bilecik region, is frequently used in special architectural works. It offers a great design to the environment with a light toning without a dominant image like red. It is also known as Bilecik rose, Bilecik dry rose, and Bilecik Pink marbleBilecik Rosalya marble is frequently preferred for floor and ground flooring, interior and exterior cladding, step works. Bilecik Dry Rose is a species of pink marble extracted in Turkey. This stone is especially good for Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, monuments, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and other design projects. Bilecik Pink, also known as Bilecik Dried Rose marble, is the marble produced in our city of Bilecik and it is the most preferred in the market. It is used indoors and outdoors where you are a durable and natural stone.

Rosalia Marble is a natural stone extracted from Turkish quarries characterized by a very homogeneous beige or grayish background and fine red veining, a feature that characterizes this material and makes it very recognizable. Rosalia marble, which is very suitable for modern and contemporary design projects, expresses its aesthetic qualities like polishing, honing and sanding.

Rosalia Dark marble has red intense veins in beige main color. With its veined and blended color mixture appearance, a distinctive light red tone is formed. It is another product we prefer frequently in our indoor projects. Rosalia Dark marble is also a variety of marble that is exported abroad in large quantities. Rosalia Dark marble; It is preferred in indoor and outdoor flooring and covering, step and windowsill projects, elevator cabin coating areas.