Nero Marquina is the splendid and elegant marble of Spain, creating a sophisticated or modern ambience in line with classic or contemporary design. Unlike traditional black-on-white classic marble, white veins stand out against a black background, and it’s easy to see how beautiful design combinations can be made by applying Nero Marquina with white marble. Nero Marquina has a black background and curved white calcite lines. Nero Marquina is a black marble with white fetaurs mined in Spain. Nero Marquina is good for wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaics, fountains, pool and wall coverings, stairs, window sills and other design projects. It is also known as Spanish Black Marble, Black Marquina, Nero Marquina Venato Marble, Nero Marquine Marble, Black Marquinia Marble, Marquina Marble, Negro Bilbao Marble, Negro Markina Marble.

Nero Marquina; It is used in the covering and flooring of all areas in homes and offices, lobby areas of hotels, long entrance and corridor floor projects. Nero Marquina is among the most popular black marble varieties. This natural stone type, which manages to carry its black color with all its glory, contains fine white lines on it. Nero Marquina, these veins, which we encounter as a feature, give the stone both naturalness and an enchanted appearance. Nero Marquina, this building material, which can be a great choice to add depth and splendor to spaces, is one of the types that can satisfy its user both in terms of appearance and ease of use. Nero Marquina, which can be used in almost every area, is durable, strong, resistant to abrasion and scratches, easy to clean and unbreakable. Spanish Black Marble; It is also possible to use the product preferred in both exterior and interior architecture in decorative areas. When the self-line patterns on Spanish Black Marble are placed in combination with each other, it will be inevitable to achieve a unique naturalness. It would be quite appropriate to call this product the favorite of black lovers for this product, which attracts attention with its clear dark black color. Black Marquina wall covering is preferred in the construction of stair steps and risers, railing. At the same time, Black Marquina handrail windowsill, door sill, skirting elevator and door jambs are frequently encountered in the use of bathroom and kitchen countertops, tables and coffee tables. Spanish Black Marble counter, fireplace decorative items, column covering, exterior floor covering stones, stairs, stairs, tables, coffee tables, counter paving stones and borders, pool and fountain columns, handrails and arches, swimming pool coverings, monuments and sculptures are also preferred for gardening. With Spanish Black Marble, you can add color to your home decoration and enrich your living room’s dining table or coffee table with this marble. Black Marquina Marble is also used on the buffet counters of the hotels or on the dining tables of the dining areas such as cafe restaurants. Marquina Black marble is a calcite stone. The intense color of the base resembles a dark night sky illuminated by occasional bright white veins and fossils transformations. Marquina Black marble encourages a basic elegance that doesn’t need embellishment to bring dynamism to any space. The beauty of Marquina Black marble awesome black color encompasses interior design projects that are now a reference point for quality and exclusivity. Nero Marquina is in high demand from architects and interior designers for flooring and wall covering applications in high-end residences and the luxury hotel industry.