Nuage Doré Marble

Nuage Dore marble is one of our products that stands out with its light yellow honey-colored appearance, fine elegant veins and wavy patterns and Afyon Honey quarried from our quarries where approximately two-thirds of the block marbles are extracted. Its market name is also known as Afyon Honey.

Nuage Dore recommended for indoor areas but also suitable for outdoors. Afyon Honey is a very popular honey yellow colored natural stone, which has given it its own brand name. Afyon Honey Due to the unique honey yellow-white color, there are unimagined combinations with other stone colorsAfyon Honey The warm basic tone harmonizes best with classic and elegant furnishings. A great number of types of natural stones such as marble and travertine are processed as in different forms of floor tiles and mosaics. Afyon Honey optimum design materials for your residents and offices. One of these materials is very popular in recent days, whose name is Afyon Honey. Afyon Honey Marble is white and from Turkey. It can be used in many areas for counter tops and bars, wall and floor tiles .  Afyon Honey polished marble floor and wall tile is a great way to enhance your decor with a traditional aesthetic touch. This polished tile is constructed from durable, impervious marble material, comes in a smooth, unglazed finish and is suitable for installation on floors, walls and countertops in commercial and residential spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens.  The Afyon Honey features  golden veins on a white to yellowish background. This shades contrast to generate a sublime complementary look for an urban, yet, royal interior design. Honey marble is a trendy material for your homes and offices. This stone has some unique features. With these features, architects prefer Afyon Sugar White to create a different look in your houses. This natural product is particularly preferred for bathrooms and toilets. It is an ideal material for flooring and cladding systems. Also, this outstanding stone can be used to produce various furniture. Besides, it can be used for kitchen countertops. And if you prefer to use Afyon Honey for toilets and bathroom sinks, it creates an authentic and genuine look in your house.

Additional names of Afyon Honey Marble include: Afyon Bal,Afyon Sugar,Afyon Sugar Marble,Afyon Seker,Afyon Kaymagi,Afyon Cream,Afyon Krem,Afyon White Sugar Marble.