White is a color that gives freshness and energy to all environments. Many architects and designers use the soothing beauty of white in their projects. White marble is the most preferred type of marble, especially in recent years. It is both ease of use and an all-time favorite color and an undated color. White marble has made it the most preferred marble by designers and users with its natural appearance and ability to reflect light. White marble can be used easily with all other marble colors.

Especially in recent years, white marbles have been used in home decorations. The use of white marble has increased because it adds freshness to the home and is easy to clean. The most important thing to consider when buying marble is the area to be used. The color and size of the marble must be suitable for the area to be used. You should cut according to the square meter of the area you will use. You should choose natural marble stones to get a stylish and modern look. In order to use marbles for many years, attention should be paid to the specified points.

Uşak White Marble is a white natural stone type. It may rarely have brown or gray veins on it. This flat colored stone, which is rare in nature, is almost like a natural symbol of purity and clarity. This white stone, extracted from the bosom of black earth, is astonishingly simple and beautiful. Although its white appearance gives it a delicate and elegant air, it is actually a very durable and strong stone. One of the most beautiful aspects of Uşak White Marble is that it is easy to clean. It is very difficult to keep the white color in the first day’s color and cleanliness. However, this is easy for this particular white stone. The polished glossy surface of Uşak White Marble does not contain dirt, rust, stains and does not penetrate it. Thus, it can be cleaned even with a little water. The usage area of this product is quite wide. Its other known names are Uşak White, Uşak Marble.

Usak White Marble, extracted in Turkey is a kind of white marble. This stone is especially good for countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior – interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and wall coverings, stairs, window sills and other design projects. It is also called Uşak White Marble, Uşak White, Uşak Derincik White Marble, Banaz White Marble, Banaz Karbeyazı Marble, Uşak White Gold Marble, Uşak White Marble.

Uşak Marble is highly preferred in interior spaces with its color that gives comfort and peace. Of course, being easy to clean has a big share in this. Besides, Uşak White Marble is also preferred in exterior architectural and decorative areas. Uşak White Marble is frequently used in wall covering flooring, stairs, stairs, railing, handrail sills, door sills, skirting elevators and door jambs. At the same time, Uşak marble, bathroom and kitchen countertops, tables and coffee tables, fireplaces, decorative items, column covering, exterior floor covering stones, stairs, steps and risers are used by Uşak White Marble. Uşak Marble is preferred for table, coffee table, counter paving stones and borders, pool and fountain, column, handrail and arches, swimming pool coverings, monuments and sculptures, garden arrangement.

Ocean Marble is one of the highest quality fine crystalline marble group. Usak marble is common in the manufacture of handrails, countertops, exterior and interior columns, facade, wall covering, floor covering, plain or configured windowsill, parapet, special coating, and in front of windows marble. Uşak White Marble has very light gray patterns in white. Uşak Marble is a local stone that we frequently use in our outdoor applications. Floor and wall coverings can be made with extremely decorative and beautiful pieces by the split face method. The fact that Uşak White is white in color enables it to be used frequently in bath works.