Paradiso granite is a natural stone from the Krishnagiri District in India, containing an array of multicolored minerals that create a unique and striking effect in any room where it is displayed. This granite has a cloudy texture. The abstract and wild pattern gives this stone a unique identity. In addition, another name of the stone is Paradisio Granite, Paradiso Bash Granite, Paradiso Purple Granite, Paradisso Granite, Pradiso Granite, Paradiso Bush Granite.

Paradiso Bash granite is a purple-brown migmatite from the Precambrian period. This stone may be nominated as a granite internationally, but in the field of application of the European Standard this stone must be nominated as a migmatite. The veining and color vary significantly, and a small sample of Paradiso Bash granite may not represent the entire slab, so it must be approved for large projects to ensure that the piece samples are removed from the same quarry surface for matching. During the polishing process, a transparent epoxy resin filler can be used to fill any micro cracks or small pits, but this does not affect the integrity of the stone, only a smoother surface finish. Paradiso Bash Granite is suitable for both interior and exterior use, it is also frost-resistant and has a permanent finish.

Paradiso Bash Granite is an extremely hard and dense stone. Paradiso Bash Granite, which was formed ages ago, is resistant to weather conditions, abrasion, freezing and thawing. The density of Paradiso Bash makes it resistant to stains, water and mildew. Paradiso Bash Granite, born from the inner fires of the world, is almost not affected by fire and heat.

By combining Paradiso Bash Granite with its system, you get a super strong and light solution. Perfect for cladding or building curtain walls, countertops, healthcare facilities or spas, Paradiso Bash Granite is a naturally beautiful solution to your design problem.

Paradisso Bash is wavy with a mix of gray, purple, brown and black. It looks best when shiny, honed and flamed. Paradiso is available in various sizes of cubes, tiles and slabs. The look of this granite is dark, gray and purple miniature spots. This looks best when shiny, honed or flamed. Paradisso Bash Granite is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Our Paradisso Bash Granite stones are available in wavy vein pattern in various shades of brown, gold and gray with white and black speckles. These stones are hard and therefore strong. Paradisso Bash granites are durable. It is resistant to abrasion, scratching, moisture, mold, heat and requires very little maintenance. These granites are a great choice for countertops, countertops, table tops, and walls and floors. These Paradisso Bash Granites are also offered in different finishes.

Paradiso Granite is a multicolored type of granite mined in India. This stone is especially good for exterior – interior wall and floor applications, monuments, pottery, countertop, mosaic, fountains, pool sides and other design projects.