Dark colored stones such as Black Marbles can be used as an element with high decorative properties in buildings. When Black Marbles are used especially with light colored stones, because the products create contrasts in color, they visually explode each other and thus gain a remarkable beauty. In this sense, the use of black marble becomes an important tool in carrying the beauty of the building to the next level. Another important feature of black marbles is that it can reflect its brightness. During the production process, dark colored marbles such as black marbles give high brightness values ​​after polishing. This shine helps the product to give a more flamboyant impression. Our country is rich in many colors of marble as well as in black marble quarries. Our black marbles, which can be exported in large quantities both as processed products and as raw materials, are concentrated especially in the Central Anatolia region and its surroundings. Another important feature of some dark marbles such as black is that they can reflect their brightness. However, some black-style marbles are less polished than other marbles. Due to the carbon structure in black and dark marbles from time to time, some parts do not get polish.

Alexandrette Black marble; it has black density white sharp lines. Alexandrette Black marble is frequently preferred in interior floor and wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom designs, marble table applications. Another of our important export marbles in our country. It is Alexandrette Black marble. Alexandrette Black marble is used as an intermediate detail element especially in countertops, tables and floor coverings. Alexandrette Black marble is frequently preferred by hotels, entertainment centers and private villa owners.

Black marble models, which are preferred for a complementary look in modern decorations, look very elegant for different floor coverings with their natural veined structure in contrasting colors. Alexandrette Black marble; In many areas from kitchen countertops to bathrooms, where modernity is at the forefront, the black color reveals its difference with its deep stance. Alexandrette Black marble model, which is one of the marble types that can be preferred for the production of coffee tables and consoles in decoration, is a very flamboyant option that can be preferred for coatings in different interiors such as kitchens and bathrooms. The advantageous structure of the marble that reflects cleanliness and does not repel stains and dirt, combined with the dirt-proof feature of black, makes Alexandrette Black marble even more useful and attractive.

Taurus Black is a black marble hauls in Turkey. This stone is especially good for countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior – interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and other design projects. It is also called Kayseri Black Marble, Anatolian Black Marble, Anatolian Black Marble, Toros Black Marble, Black Toros Marble, Toros Black Marble, Turkish Black Marble, Absolute Black Marble, Turkish Nero Marquina, Alanya Black Marble. Toros Black Marble; Polished, Sawn, Sanded, Stone Faced, Sandblasted, Tumbled etc. Can be processed as. While the dense white vein structure in Taurus black especially brings into consideration the dark ground color, the dark ground of the Taurus black makes the white vein structure attractive. Toros Black is used as the main marble type in many projects due to its very clear color tones and the harmonious combination of black and white colors. Thick, thin white veins are found throughout the plate on the dark black base color of Toros black marble. There are also plates where the intensity of white varies. Colored marbles increase the value of your projects by adding seriousness to the area where it is applied due to its color structure. Toros black marble can work in harmony with other stone groups, which is generally used as the main flooring in projects. Toros black marble is used for decorative purposes with light color varieties. While Toros black marble is preferred in projects according to its vein structure, it is a very important issue to follow the vein. It is important to lay down the stones to be covered with Taurus black flooring or to look at the floor before the application.

Efesusstone marble, commonly known as Toros Black, is available in our company as Pinguino marble.