Turkey is one of the leading marble producer in the world. Marble resources are available in many cities. Among these provinces, Bursa’s reserve of world famous marbles. Kemalpaşa White Marble is one of the famous marble types of Bursa. Bursa Kemalpaşa White marble is one of the most preferred types of white marble. With its distinctive gray patterns on its surface, it looks like a work of art. This marble, which has a wide range of uses, can be used easily outdoors and indoors. Bursa white is generally preferred in large areas due to its stylish and spacious appearance. Bursa white marble, which has different surface options in raw, hammered, tumbled forms, but mostly used as polished. It is a marble that can be used easily in classical and modern spaces. Kemalpaşa white is preferred in interior and exterior cladding, flooring, counter projects, sculpture and ornaments, bathroom design. Kemalpaşa white is a medium-grade product among domestic white marbles. Kemalpaşa white is frequently used in building facade coatings, bathroom designs and outdoor step applications. Apart from these, Bursa white marble is preferred in bath works. In Kemalpaşa White; It has very light gray patterns in white tone. It is also known as Kemalpaşa White, Bursa WhiteMustafakemalpaşa marblePaşa White marble of the most important types of marble representing Turkey abroad with their distinctive white color is among the most precious white marble in the world. Bursa white marble, which is one of the marble varieties that is easily preferred in wide space applications thanks to its homogeneous structure, and generally produced as polished. Thanks to its hard structure compared to other white marbles, it is used in outdoor applications besides indoor applications. It is known under different names because it is widely used in projects abroad. Kemalpaşa marble in the marble market is also known as Mustafa Kemal Pasha whiteBursa white marble and White King marble. Mustafa Kemal Pasha marble is generally preferred in large space projects such as business centers, hotels, villas and hospitals.