Rosa Beta granite is one of the most beautiful stones in the world. Like most granites, Rosa Beta is durable, long-lasting and extremely hard. In fact, studies show that when granite is used outdoors, it is exposed to less than 0.125 ” of weathering every 1000 years.Polished granite architecture from 1000 years ago still maintains its polish. Since diamonds are one of the few harder stones, processed granite requires the use of diamond tools Rosa Beta granite basis as brown.

Rosa Beta granite panels add a unique high quality look and feel to any project. Combining modern technology with the timeless beautiful appearance of Rosa Beta granite, the panels make it easy to work with granite. Rosa Beta granite is perfect for stone building cladding, stone curtain walls, water features, countertops, furniture, elevator panels, and anywhere a long-lasting, naturally beautiful stone is needed. Rosa Sardo Beta Granite is also known in the market as Rosa Beta Brown.

Rosa Beta Granite has gray, brown and pink density, multicolored and fine patterns. Rosa Beta Granit is a frequently preferred product in table and coffee table applications, kitchen and bathroom designs, interior exterior and floor works, stairs, steps and windowsills. It is a granite that can be used easily in almost all project areas with its appearance. This product, which we frequently use in counter and step works, has good results when used with black furniture and peripheral accessories.

Rosa Beta Granite manages to be at the forefront with its distinctive appearance from many granite types. The harmony of cream, gray, white and black colors is seen on the product. The presence of various colors in it causes it to be compatible with many decorations. While attracting attention with its regular distribution of colors, it exhibits a unique distribution with the distribution of the patterns in large and small sizes and creates an elegant atmosphere with its harmonious appearance. Thus, instead of being preferred as an ordinary building material, it appears as a product type that has become the focal point with its unique style in the areas where it is used. You can easily adapt Rosa Beta to any space you want and design eye-catching spaces. In addition to glossy and matte finishes, it draws attention with models such as honed, shattered, sandblasted. Having separate views of each increases the attractiveness of the product. For example, a glossy finish product gives a very aesthetic shine, while matte finish granite is preferred mostly in street arrangements due to its natural appearance. Rosa Beta Granite is indispensable for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Rosa Sardo Beta Granite features exceptional pink hue combinations with incredibly expanding veins of white and black minerals. This amazing granite with a white and almost mother-of-pearl background is filled with very delicate silvery black dots. Rosa Sardo Beta Granite generally has a pink and white appearance, its main rock is actually an icy white color. Rosa Sardo Beta Granite looks attractive as it shines and reflects light. This one looks great, especially elegant in white cabinets. The light white and pink of the Rosa Sardo Beta Granite countertop complement each other beautifully, combined with the fresh white cabinets. You can also use this stone as a part of your home.

Rossa Beta Granite is among the most preferred granite types due to its hard structure. With its pinkish color and hard structure, it exhibits a contrasting stance, allowing granite to have a softer appearance. Rossa Beta Granite, rosa granite, which is frequently used on kitchen countertops and floors, can be preferred indoors and outdoors with peace of mind. Thanks to its smooth and slippery structure, it can be easily cleaned and is resistant to abrasion and impacts. Ideal for long-lasting use.

Rossa Beta Granite can be used indoors and outdoors, in kitchen countertops, countertops, sidewalks, streets, pedestrian paths, steps, stairs, rain gutters, handicapped stone, exterior, floor, parquet, coatings.