Rosa Minho Granite is among the highly preferred granite varieties with its homogeneous color and durable structure. Its pinkish color contrasts with the hardness of the granite, allowing the granite to have a soft appearance. Rosa Minho Granite, which is frequently used in kitchen countertops, is ideal for wet floors. This granite from Spain can be used in floor tiles, wall tiles, indoor and outdoor, building facades, stairs and balconies. Its type, which is resistant to impacts, is not damaged by chemicals and detergents. Its smooth and hard surface does not wear when exposed to cutting tools such as knives. Therefore, it is very practical and easy to clean.

Rosa Minho Granite has a homogeneous color. It has different patterns in its structure. You can start using this product, which has large or small patterns, without any problems. Rose Minho is a product that will help you have an elegant look in your living spaces. Its pinkish color helps to reveal the warmth in your environment in the best way possible. In this way, you start to have warmer environments. It is a product that can be used without any problems in every area, from kitchen counters to bathrooms. It will become possible to achieve aesthetic and modern structures with your granite. Accordingly, it will be possible to use this product whenever you want, in any environment you want. Rosa Minho Granite reveals what is desired against heat, coldness and water in the best way. It is the product that puts everything you will need in front of you and shows the expected performance. It will be possible to use this product in places such as Rose Mino Granite building facades, floor tiles, wall coverings, congress centers and conference halls. When it is in contact with tools such as knives and cutters, it will not reveal unwanted deterioration in its structure. In this way, you will start using this product without any problems. It is one of the most common questions on cleaning questions. The fact that it can be cleaned very easily gives the users an advantage. It is one of the products extracted from Spain quarries. It is pink in color. Those who love pink color can start using Rosa Minho Granite models.

Rosa Minho is a kind of pink granite. This stone is especially used for exterior – interior wall and floor applications, monuments, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall coverings, stairs, window sills, etc. and it is good for other design projects. It is also called Rosa Minho, Rosso Minho, Rosa do Minho, Rosa Moncao, Cristal Rosa, Pink Faro, Rosa Covide, Rosa Salmao, Rosa de Covide, Rosa Salmon, Saumone Granite. Rosa Minho can be polished, sawn cut, sanded, stone faced, sandblasted, tumbled etc. can be processed as.