Rosa Porinho has black, white and gray patterns with dots that look pink. Rosa Porinho Granite is preferred for kitchen and bathroom countertops, steps and windowsills, interior and exterior flooring. It is one of the most consumed granite products in the domestic market, especially in kitchen and bathroom countertops. Rosa Porinho Granite is frequently chosen by customers because its pink-toned dot patterned structure is in harmony with many decoration products. Rosa Porinho, the most pink of the Rosa series, appears a little more free of black dots. Rosa Porinho, the series, which gives good results both indoors and outdoors, was born in Spain and spread all over the world.

Rosa Porinho granite, among the granite varieties brought to Turkey were removed in Spain. This unique granite, which is in the pink granite category, impresses with its gray, beige, pink, black and white spots that seem dispersed on a certain form. Rosa Porinho Granite, well known in the international market, is a very famous spain granite. It is released to the world market in Galicia, in the northwest of Spain. Bathroom and kitchen designs, interior and exterior building projects, open areas, wet and watery areas, furniture and home decoration are recommended areas of use for Rosa Porinho Granit. Rosa Porrino Granit, which collects the sympathies with its predominantly pink color, is engraved in mind with its robust mechanical properties. It is a building material of Galician origin located in the northwestern region of Spain. Rosa Porinho, which has an important place in domestic and foreign markets, is constantly expanding its usage areas. Rosa Porinho is also known in the market as Rosa Porinho, Spanish Pink.

It is quite possible to see our model, which we frequently encounter on large surfaces, in details. Places where Rosa Porinho Granite, one of the important natural stones of changing architectural styles, is preferred is increasing day by day. The longevity of granite, a durable building material, is only one of the reasons why it is preferred. The fact that it has a natural structure and does not contain any chemicals constitutes another positive side of the product. You can often come to the fore by choosing our product, which is very suitable for designing spaces away from ordinary, in all the places you want. By going beyond the classical usage areas, you can create more decorative aesthetic areas and make your spaces look rich and elite. The price of the product varies according to the preferred sizes of Rosa Porinho. You will want to see the harmony of the product, which exhibits superior performance on all surfaces, with different colors. You will not regret choosing the product that can create a contrast harmony when combined with different colors. Dark colors are widely spread in the product where the light color draws attention on the floor.

Rosa Porinho Granite easily adapts to every area where it is used, and you can often choose it in all interior and exterior spaces. Its ease of maintenance, combined with its visual beauty, provides both aesthetics and ease of use.

Rosa Porinho is a red colored granite with large red, white and black spots. It is the most beautifully patterned red granite. After the Rosa Porinho surface polish, it becomes a burnt black with scales like small silver gold, or smoked gray after sandblasting, and is used both as a full surface and as a pattern stone.

Spain Pink Granite is used in all kinds of interior and exterior decoration applications, special table and coffee table designs and counter applications, kitchen countertops, bathroom counters, floor covering, stair step, skirting interior and exterior coating, steps, stairs, rain gutters, road for the disabled, exterior It has a wide range of uses such as facades, floors, parquet and coatings. While the durable and hard structure of Spain Pink allows it to be used in all areas, it is also in our lives as a decorative. This product, which is popular in the market, will be an important choice for those who want to create a privileged appearance in their spaces. Spanish Pink is the perfect decorative complement to the spaces. Spanish Pink can be preferred in exterior cladding, sidewalks, pedestrian paths. Its use in sauna, Turkish bath, spa, thermal pools and ornamental pools draws attention. Its resistance to liquids has expanded its use in these areas. It is widely used in private properties, public institutions, private workplaces such as hotels and hospitals. While it is preferred as wide tiles in countertops and floor coverings, it can be counted among the advantages of our product that it offers service in requested sizes.