Bilecik beige marble has two types as cream and rosalia. While the cream one is preferred, it is the most durable marble with its beige color. Rosalia beige marble variety is mostly used in the construction of structures such as columns, sinks and basins.

Bilecik Beige, beige marble is extracted from a kind in Turkey. This stone is especially good for wall and floor applications, fountains, custom carvings sculptures, countertops, vanity tops, stairs and other design projects. It is also called Bilecik Beige, Bilecik Classic Beige Marble, Turkish Cream Marfil Marble, Small Fossil Beige Marble, Bilecik Beige Marble.

Bilecik Beji Marble has a wide usage area. It takes place in hotels, shopping malls, business centers, hospitals, educational buildings, public projects (courthouse, municipal service buildings, etc.), residence housing projects and villa projects.

It can be used alone as the main floor stone in the application area, or it can be applied with different colors. It is especially used with brown and black tones. In addition, it is seen that it is used in the facade coating of the buildings, indoor outdoor flooring and wall covering, column and column covering, stair step, skirting, windowsill, elevator covering.

Bilecik Beige Marble, as can be seen from its name, is obtained from the quarries in the Bilecik region. It is a marble that manages to attract attention with its flashy side. It has a hard surface. It has a durable structure that does not deteriorate against external factors. It is resistant to all kinds of adverse conditions. Its magnificent appearance helps your spaces look more modern. Bilecik Beige Marble allows you to transform your structures into aesthetic. So, start using marble that attracts attention with its wonderful side without hesitation.

With Bilecik Beige Marble, it will be completely in your hands to transform your spaces to a more spacious place. You will have the chance to live in a brighter environment. Bilecik Beige Marble is a product that succeeds in creating awareness with its color, image and model. Tiny spots stand out on the product with a beige base.

Rosalia Beige Marble is a blend of pink and intense beige. Rosalia Beige Marble is used in indoor-outdoor floor projects, stairs and step edge, elevator border, fire exit section coverings. Our Marmara-Bilecik region takes the lead in the production of pink-toned light-colored marble. You can find many models close to this model on our website. Its pink ratio is slightly higher than other models and it is a stone that is very suitable for full flooring. It is also known as Bilecik Rose Beige, Pink Osmaneli Beige and Marmara Cream. Bilecik Beji, also known as Bilecik Rose marble, is the most preferred marble produced in our city of Bilecik as the name suggests. It is used indoors and outdoors where it is a durable and natural stone.

Rosalia Marble, one of the rare pink textured marble types; It is one of the most beautiful representatives of the pink colored marble species. Rosalia marble with the name known in the world of Gülkurusu marble with a known name in Turkey is among the first in Turkey beige marble.

Rosalia is one of the many stone options available for stone panels. The natural beauty of marble combined with the durability of the aluminum honeycomb backing creates a durable stone panel that is easy to work with. Marbles such as Rosalia have been prized for their luster and natural beauty throughout history. Rosalia Marble was formed ages ago when limestone was exposed to intense pressure and heat. Calcite crystals formed like millions of tiny jewels gave the natural Rosalia Marble a beautiful shine. It is also known in the market as Rosalia Light Marble, Rosalia Dark marble, Rosalia Beige Marble.

Rosalie Light Marbles, exracted from Turkey with heavy random dark red veined sedimentary rocks are a pinkish red color pink stones. This stone is especially good for building stone, countertops, sinks, monuments, pool coping, sills, ornamental stone, interior, exterior, and other design projects. Rosalia Light Marble is a beige / pinkish marble with fine to medium veins and irregular background. The main feature of this marble is the abundance of strong and well-defined red veins. This vein is quite irregular, but this is what defines the uniqueness of this stone. Its main variations depend mainly on the amount of veins. Rosalia is most often found in interior applications such as coatings, some stonework, and even bathroom design. At the same time, Rosalia Marble is used in floor coverings, coatings and masonry with low and medium usage.

Rosalia Light has beige toned, fine red veined structure. Rosalia Light Marble is used for indoor and outdoor flooring and wall covering, step and windowsill applications, decorative ornaments. Our stone, which has a beige main body color, presents a pink-beige appearance due to its veins close to red. It is the type of marble we frequently use in high-quality structures that we consume from our domestic beige models.

Rosalia Light, Bilecik, Turkey is a building materials caused. The light brown and beige product draws attention with its unique colors and patterns. It has an important place in domestic and foreign markets. The veins are distributed on the ground frequently and in broken red color. White veins give a deep image in the product.

The product, which stands out with its durability, is frequently preferred due to its long-lasting use and ease of maintenance. While it is widely used in wall and floor coverings, it creates very striking visuals on countertops, furniture, decorative products and details. Rosalia Light Marble is preferred to be used in every environment with its natural structure and being away from chemicals with peace of mind.

Rosalia Light Marble is among the preferred products with its beautiful appearance. This building material, which is very common in our country, differs slightly according to the city where it is extracted. This product originating in Bilecik and Bursa provinces is classified as beige in color scale. It takes its attention-grabbing and visual beauty from its pink and orange veins, which are mostly burgundy and occasionally soft tones. Rosalia Light Marble creates an elegant style with its light transition from beige to burgundy veins on the floor. It is used in many areas such as interior and exterior, floor coverings, wall coverings, counter coverings and decorative products. You can ensure a comfortable use by choosing Rosalia Light Marble, which stands out with its durability.