It is the common usage name as a type of aki, which is one of the chalcedony stones belonging to the jewelery industry. It is a type of agate stone that is largely composed of silicon minerals. Because of its similarity to this stone, one of the marble types is named as onyx marble.

The formation of onyx marble compared to other marbles is that it emerges as rocks formed by the precipitation of calcium carbonate in cold spring waters. Compared to the formation of other marble types, the waters that make up onyx marbles contain more mineral salt in terms of content and the precipitation process is slower. The stone formed under these conditions is crystallized, dense and quite transparent. They differ from other marble types with their transparent and crystalline structure. Onix has the ability to pass light with its transparent structure. For this reason, it is suitable for decoration and architectural purposes. In color, they are generally available in white, green, yellow and red.

Onyx marble is generally used in interior design applications due to its light transmittance and small number of production. With its unique decorative structures, it is generally applied by lighting in the lobby and foyers of the public areas to give visual richness. Among other narrow space usage areas, it is used in the front and side coverings of the counter, in the coverings and wooden combinations on the complete metal frame designed as hotel reception tables. It has been seen in the discoveries and historical buildings used by the Greeks, Ancient Egyptians and Romans in their temples, palaces and even in the construction of their thrones. Onyx marble has also been used in the construction of mosque columns in many Islamic countries.

Onyx marbles are used in decorative plates, bowls, mini sculptures, handcrafted carved objects, personal special jewelery, table, coffee table productions, even in the vehicles of Rolls Royce, a British giant car manufacturer produced in the world, in door handles for interior designs and used in flooring. Onyx marbles are a rock derivative formed by precipitation of calcium carbonate found in cold water sources. It is a master stone when it comes to creating sparkling marble flooring styles in your home.

When the types are examined, onyx marbles provide different types to be used at many points with their colorful structures. It is said to have positive effects on human health as it has an absolutely natural structure. White Onyx marble is seen as a superior property stone to provide a sparkling marble flooring in homes and businesses. In this context, among the varieties of the product, there are colors such as yellow, gold, sky blue, mixed color, honey color, green, brown and orange produced in our country or abroad.

White Onyx marble is preferred for design in carefully selected buildings with its colorful, light-permeable structure and low production features. Since it creates a completely unique decorative structure, it is used for an aesthetic appearance together with lighting in public areas such as lobby.

When looking at the usage areas of White Onyx marble houses, it can be seen especially in the edge coverings of the counter and decorative areas. White Onyx marble is used for reservation counters in hotel establishments or for product counters in luxury stores. In history, it has even been seen in religious buildings and palace buildings.

Onyx marble has been used to make smaller tables, coffee tables, decorative items, sculptures and personal jewelery. Although it can be used in many different points, this marble must be protected properly because it has a natural stone structure. In this context, maintenance can be provided by periodically taking services such as natural stone cleaning and protection, wiping and polishing.

White Onyx is a beautiful natural stone with a white icy background and wide variations with veins of gold and grays. White Onyx is available in onyx slabs and onyx blocks. All onyx has naturally occurring cracks and cracks. It is a fragile stone compared to other natural stones such as travertine and marble. Because it is a healthy stone, white onyx is not too difficult to manufacture and is often used with cross-cut and backlight.

White; it is the color of purity, naturalness and harmony. In addition, when marble meets with onyx stone, which has been shaped by skilled hands and has been a part of life in the historical process dating back centuries, it appears like a painting that is not satisfied with its course. The vein structure becomes a work of art that a great painter paints. White Onyx attracts all eyes with the spaciousness it creates in the areas where it is used and the elegance of the illuminated onyx varieties. After the white onyx stone is extracted from the quarry, it is carefully prepared and presented to you by our company until the final form at the time of application. It is beneficial for people who have trouble focusing at the very beginning of its health benefits. Its refreshing effect has been proven in people who experience stress and emotional intensity. It acts as a shield against negative energies. It eliminates the problem in people suffering from insomnia.

Salmon Onyx is a frequently preferred product for table, counter, TV unit, ornaments, columns, white onyx illuminated panel and wall covering products, floors, columns, columns, mosque interior wall tiles, onyx marble reception, onyx marble kitchen countertops.

Salmon Onyx is used indoors for decorative purposes. The most important reason for this is that it has light transmittance and limited production. It is especially preferred in prominent areas such as the lobby and foyer of the public areas, keeping the light transmittance feature in the foreground.

Salmon Onyx, reception tables front covering in hotel lobbies, reception rear wall covering, column covering; or in the bar counter and column coverings of entertainment venues. Salmon Onyx has become widespread in indoor use areas as well as in washbasins, and table and coffee table productions also add elegance to the areas where it is used. With their colorful structures, these onyx marbles are also offered to the end user as decorative objects. Especially in Afyon and Cappadocia Region, production is very common, and it is possible to produce trinkets, vases, jewelry, name holders, candle holders and even chess sets. Salmon Onyx marble is generally used indoors for decorative purposes. Salmon Onyx is usually applied by lighting in the entrances of luxury venues, in the conspicuous places. In addition, Salmon Onyx is applied in bar desk pre-coatings, bar desk top coatings, reception tables front coatings, entertainment venues, column coatings, and apartment entrances. Salmon Onyx tiles are often used or used in flooring and wall covering applications. It is also preferred for countertops, fireplace surrounds, bathroom cabinets. Salmon Onyx knows that it is a natural stone and has a very beautiful luster with its rich appearance. Salmon Onyx is recommended for indoor applications including countertop and backslashes. Architects and interior designers choose white onyx for luxury hotel and residential projects, using it in interiors, bathrooms, kitchens, onyx countertops and showers. The highest quality of this Natural Stone is due to its homogeneous structure and elegance in its chromatic texture.