Our Silver Vein Cut Travertine tile features a gorgeous combination of gray and silvery tones. This modern tile for creative design and installation. This beautiful natural travertine is suitable for a variety of projects in the bathroom, kitchen, entryways, and other spaces where a timeless palette and pattern is desired.

Travertine tiles and pavers are extremely weather resistant. Rain, hail or shine your travertine pavers will keep their shape and lustre. Even if you’re located in an area where there are frequent heatwaves or even blistering cold, your travertine pavers will withstand the elements.

With travertine pavers, you can be confident to host an outdoor party without worrying about guests damaging your tiles. However, for peace of mind and to ensure your travertine tiles look pristine forever.

Silver travertine has different grey colors with harmony. This natural beauty looks like a cloudy sky. It creates a very different view of your houses’ walls. In addition, silver travertine has simplicity with an elegance look at the same time. It provides a stylish look with a natural simplicity. This natural product can be used with many different natural stones in order to catch a harmony in your houses. Also because of its grey color, this design material can be used to add a formal air in your houses and offices. This natural beauty provides an artistic look for your services.

Silver Vein-cut is another type of silver travertine. This type can be used in many different areas. Because of its very contemporary look, it adds to your houses a modern regularity. In addition, this type of travertine is preferred for kitchen floors and walls. Additionally, this material can be used as a component part of kitchen countertops as in the bathroom and toilet sinks. Silver Vein-cut can be combined with other forms of collections in order to catch harmony between the natural products. It is also produced different sizes and thicknesses regarding your project’s requirements.

Vein-cut look delivers a breath of fresh air to traditional cross-cut Silver travertine. Various vivid gray tones and occasional shades of beige and beige dominate this high-quality travertine. One of the most popular travertine colors from Turkey, Silver travertine combines art and craftsmanship to create an exceptional ook. Bring inspiring style to your space with stunning Silver travertine offering several options of flooring, wall tile and decorative mosaics.

The Silver Travertine Vein Cut or Cross Cut is another most exclusive and extravagant Travertine on the market, with strong greys and light creams this stone amazes people. An in-demand natural stone, Travertine Classic Vein Cut is a much-loved honed choice for bathrooms, floors, walls, slabs and tiles. Available in brown, cream/beige, its naturally exposed veinage creates a visual break adding sophistication to interiors. For fans of rich backgrounds with exciting natural elements, Travertine Classic Vein Cut is a source of inspiration.

It also called Sivas Silver TravertineSivas Gumus TravertineSilver Gray Travertine, Ash Travertine.   Silver Gray Travertine

Silver into blocks and slabs We take our products to the domestic and international market demand Travertine. Silver Travertine travertine quarry in Turkey. Silver Travertine, are unique items that you may want to use in each project.

Travertine is a natural type of stone, like the granite in your kitchen or the marble in your bathroom. However, travertine only develops around certain types of mineral spring deposits, giving this unique type of limestone a distinctive and striking appearance.

Natural stones are very popular in recent days. Many people have started to want to design their houses with natural stones. In addition, architects and constructors are using these products as construction and design material for their residential and commercial projects. There are many different types o natural stones such as marble, travertine, limestone, and onyx. Especially, travertine is the very proper material for house design. One of the most popular types of a natural products is silver travertine. This natural product can be used in many different areas in your houses. Also, silver travertine can be preferred for outdoor use in order to catch a natural harmony.