Marmara Island; It is the largest of the Marmara Islands located in the southwest of the Marmara Sea and is connected to Balıkesir. This island has hosted the oldest marble quarries in the world and due to this feature, it has been the origin of the word marble in many languages. In this sense, Marmara marble can be said to be the oldest marble in the world.

White Marmara marble is a marble that has given life to important structures in both world and Turkish history. It is possible to see Marmara marble in Ephesus and Troy civilizations, many Roman and Byzantine buildings, many Ottoman palaces, Masjid-i Aqsa and many other historical buildings. Throughout history, marble has been regarded as an indicator of magnificence, power and wealth.

In addition to its historical importance, Striped marble is a product that has managed to be a value that does not go out of fashion with the effect of its aesthetic appearance. In addition, it has anti-bacterial properties due to its structure. One of the important reasons why it is preferred in Turkish baths is its antibacterial structure. Marmara white can be used in most indoor and outdoor spaces for many years without any problems. Thanks to the high sulfur minerals they contain, White Marmara marbles are generally preferred in environments such as baths that require hygiene. Marmara Marbles preventing the growth of bacteria in baths, which are collective usage areas; They were widely used in many Ottoman baths in history.

The marbles extracted from the Marmara white marble quarry; It is one of the most used products among local marbles. It has a beautiful white tone appearance. It can be used easily in indoor and outdoor environments because of its good permeability and strength structure. It can be used honed, sandblasted and polished. Our marbles extracted from our Marmara white marble quarry are among the preferred marbles for kitchen countertops, Turkish bath, monumental building, bathroom and table work. This marble type known as Marmara panda also has varieties with different color tones such as classic, striped, white, gray and silver. The bars spread irregularly in the form of halos on a white background constitute the main character of Panda Marmara. Marmara white or Marmara Panda marble as it is known in the market; It is a stick-free selection of Marmara marble with bars on a white background. Panda White Marble is a semi-white color with leafless metamorphic rock with occasional darker flat veins, composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Panda white marmara marble gives a luxurious air to the area where it is applied with its white background. White marmara marble; It is among the products preferred as floor and wall covering, basin and pool stone. Equator Marmara Marble, a selection of blocks produced from the Marmara Island quarries, has an important place in today’s architecture with its veins as if drawn with a ruler and its style that adds a dazzling air to the building it is used in. Equatorial marmara marble has an important place in modern architecture with its straight veins.

Our marbles extracted from our Marmara white marble quarry; Sperenza is Epica Dark, Epica Light and Insula Alba. Our marbles are also known in the market as Pajamas Marble, Striped marble, Marmara panda marble, Marmara Marble, Marmara white and White Marmara marble.

Marble with Marmara Pajamas has straight gray lines with a white tone. It is preferred in bath and bathroom works, floor and facade covering, step projects. This product, which is an indispensable part of marble bath works, can be easily preferred in indoor and outdoor areas with pajamas due to its high output and technical structure. We use this marble, which we export and export in Marmara Island, for decorative decoration purposes in the outer areas or for both the top and floor coverings of monumental buildings. Marmara marbles are highly preferred indoors and outdoors. White Marmara marble; Used indoors and outdoors, on kitchen countertops, sidewalks, streets or pedestrian paths, flooring areas, rain gutters and disabled stones. Striped marble; It has a white background that partners beautifully with gray veins that add movement and depth. It is specially suitable for a wide variety of interior and exterior design projects, such as floor, wall covering, staircase and riser, window sills, tables and other projects in hotel, villa, specialty store and airport. Marmara white marble; Turkey is one of the oldest marble. Marmara marbles were preferred in the Ottoman bath due to its resistance against bacteria.

Sperenza Marble is also used in Tombstones. Tombstones use intensity as a beautiful view of the quality of the way Turkey is a natural stone found in abundance. The strength and durability of the Tombstones are quite high. Sperenza Marble is among the marble models that are frequently used in gravestones made in our country, even in other cities. Sperenza Marble is a solid and easy to process marble model with white tones.

Sperenza Marble is also used in bath stones. It has solid gray lines with a white tone. Marmara Marble is frequently preferred in bath stones and bath works, floor and facade covering, step projects, grave works. This product, which is an indispensable part of marble bath stones, is easily preferred in indoor and outdoor areas due to its high output and technical structure. This marble, which is exported from the Balıkesir region, is used for decorative decoration in outdoor areas or for gravestones and bath stones in both the upper and floor area of monumental buildings.