Verde Forest marble is one of the green character stone group marbles of India origin. Application areas of Verde Forest marble include kitchen and bathroom countertops, sculptures, indoor and outdoor wall and floor covering applications, fountains, stairs, window sills and other detail applications. Green color, which has a fascinating feature, gives people positive energy and peace. This is one of the best examples of the reflection of energy and peace in our living spaces with natural stones. Green marbles such as Verde Forest have dark green shades in black tones on the slabs with dark green base color, and the green color can be light and dark. It is among the preferences of the sellers due to the easy processing and shaping feature of the stone, and the users who use it with its color structure. It is combined with kitchen cabinets in terms of color tone.

Verde Forest has a dark green tone black pattern and a veined appearance. Verde Forest marble is suitable for flooring and wall covering. Sometimes it is used as a floor stone alone, and sometimes it is combined with beige-cream tones of marble. In Verde Forest home decoration, there are usage areas such as dining table, coffee table, fireplace cover, washbasin and counter in the bathrooms. Verde Forest marble, which we frequently encounter in the landscape areas of luxury housing projects, is sometimes seen in a jamb, sometimes in a flowerpot or column covering.

Green marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, mostly calcite or dolomite. Green marble is often used as sculpture and building material.

Green marble, one of the most sought-after and preferred types of marble, offers a wide range of usage with its pleasant color. The request is quite high, not only for domestic use, but also for international use. At the same time often via Turkey it is exported to other countries. Marble quarries from which green block marble is extracted are located in different regions of our country. India Green marble varieties are among the most popular marbles and look like a painting when used. Each type of green marble produced appears with different motifs and color tones. It brings freshness and light to every building such as home, office, hotel it is used in, and at the same time almost brings spring to these environments. With the special workmanship used in green marbles, beautiful products are put in the middle. These products are preferred in flashy structures. With its unique beauty, India Green marble fascinates everyone. This type of marble, which includes different colors in its green color, shapes it with the experience of experts in the field. Different cutting techniques used during shaping lead to the creation of green marble products with interesting and interesting features.

Green marble varieties, which are produced decorative models with the eye-catching of green, are used in the creation of different areas and products. Some of these products are; Tables, stairs, sinks, coffee tables, sinks, countertops, bathrooms and kitchens, baths, tombs and tombstones, vases and tables. India Green marble has an extremely wide range of uses. Floor, wall and floor coverings can be counted as outdoor use. In these applications, the glow of green marble almost covers the whole environment.

Originating in India, Green Guatemala attracts attention with its green color. The product, which gives one of the most beautiful shades of green, has strengthened its place in the domestic and foreign markets with this visual beauty. The stylish appearance of marble, which takes its place in almost all households, turns it into a completely different environment with its touch in the areas where it is preferred. Blacks create remarkable details with minimal patterns on a green background. This model, which is known to be preferred from the past to the present, has found its deserved place in the foreign market over the years.

We can protect our national natural values by prioritizing our local materials, which we know that they have a healthier structure compared to the products coming from outside. You can choose this natural beauty, which does not contain chemicals, at the most crucial points in your spaces. The price of the product, which offers quite different options, varies according to the preferred dimensions. The use of building products, which offer many options with the difference of cut and surface types, should be preferred according to the designed space and a one-to-one decorative harmony should be achieved.

India Green marble deserves to be included in the high-end product group, which can be preferred in rich-looking places. Its natural appearance is the number one actor, and its durability, soft texture and easy care are also included. India Green marble is a product that is frequently preferred indoors and outdoors, and it constantly gives positive feedback. In addition to the wide surface coatings of the interior and exterior spaces, it is in perfect harmony with the detailed aesthetic decoration.

Green Guatemala, which has attracted great attention in recent years as the stone of the pool in the villas, has been preferred by the architectural teams in the pool coating of its prestigious projects and adds a distinct natural beauty to the projects with its integration with water. The green tone of interior designs is becoming popular day by day. Verde Forest, this dark green-toned and black patterned granite model is a stone we use in many of our projects. Thanks to its low waste rate and high quality appearance, customers can easily be selected. Verde Forest is an amazing bright green Indian marble with a hue similar to mineral malachite. The Verde Forest entire surface has been painted with lighter veins in the same color scheme. Verde Forest has a uniform fine-grained structure, an almost imperceptible outline and warmth to the touch.

The classical features of Green Guatemala marble enrich the architectural details together with its aesthetic performance. This elite natural stone is a good choice for designing luxurious interior elements, creating mosaic compositions, and of course laying facades of buildings. Verde Forest is generally used in countertops, shelves, columns, fireplaces, windowsills, floor coverings and wall covering. The green tone of Verde Forest interior designs is becoming popular day by day. This dark green-toned and black patterned marble model is a stone we use in many of our projects. Thanks to its low waste rate and high quality appearance, customers can easily be selected. marble Verde India market in Turkey, India or Green Verde Guatemala marble in the form of this product is called, can be seen easily in specific areas to come to the fore with the green color. After cooling the building material used as imported from India performing the cutting process with different dimensions in Turkey, as is preferred for many uses in the inner area and outer area. Although the price level of Verde Forest is slightly higher than other marble products, it is used in many areas, especially in luxury buildings and VIP residences, as it has beautiful patterns. Verde Forest can be used in many high-class projects such as bathroom, kitchen, staircase designs, hall designs, entrance and entrance designs. Verde Forest marble can be used in buildings by obtaining a more special appearance thanks to the use of sandblasting and brushing methods. When examining the buildings in general, Green Guatemala is seen as a product used in processes such as kitchen, bathroom countertops, indoor and outdoor walls, flooring. It is frequently chosen by interior design experts to realize different designs in these areas with its specific color and material structure. Verde Forest marble is among the most preferred marble products, especially in villa-style houses, staircases and terrace coating applications. Considering the different usage points, Verde Forest is chosen for making marble sculptures, fountains, street stairs and window sills. This product, which has an important place in the natural stone market, can be used with a polished surface or with preferences such as aged surface application.

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