Greek Marble

This marble, originating from the Volakas region of Greece, draws attention with its white colors, homogeneous structure and different colors. The fact that Greece is close to our country and ensuring that this marble is delivered to us by road becomes a more commercially attractive marble. Greece is one of the marble countries with a very old history. Marble “and the other, which are the quarries of the well-known Greek stones in the world, are the Volakas, Vathilakos, Piges, Granitis, Kavala, Tasoz, Nikisiani groups. has caused more more to be commemorated in the Middle East. Greek marble exports to the world Turkey China, Brazil, Italy, comes after the country such as Spain. white tones are very popular in Turkey. Volakas marble is also desirable for this reason. Large areas of floor coverings and wall coverings Various uses of this type of marble especially as “Bookmatch” Architecture offices of Volakas marble often emphasize the “render” and visuals of the projects, and the Greek marble derivatives. Marble veins Volakas marble has a very absorbent structure thanks to its natural structure. Requires external finesse.

Volakas Marble is a kind of white marble quarried in Greece. This stone is especially good for Building stone, countertops, sinks, monuments, pool overhead, thresholds, ornamental stone, interior, exterior, wall, floor, pavement and other design projects. It is also called Branco Volakas Marble, Dramas White Marble, Macedonian White Marble, Volakas Drama White Marble, Volakas Dramas White Marble, Volakas White Marble, Volaks Marble, Jazz White Marble in Chinese stone market. Volakas marble is very special decoration projects, table and fireplace applications in all kinds of applications for bathroom and kitchen. Volakas marble has homogeneous patterns with white tones and light gray corners. Volakas marble is another of our top quality white models. Double August is a marble that adds spaciousness and light to the environment that we can use in all kinds of interior decoration projects such as offices, homes and hotels. Other names of Volakas marble are Volakas White, Drama Volkas, Volaks.

Volakas marble, which is in the quality white marble class, is preferred in first class marble applications, has a unique structure. With this structure, it is used as polished, honed or brushed or with different features. Although it has a white base color, there are sometimes small and sometimes large gray veins on it. Since the veins are formed diagonally, many of its types are called diagonal volakas. Since it has an aesthetic and elegant structure, volakas marble has a wide range of uses today. Among others it can be seen that they are not housing projects, hospitality businesses, business substitutes. At such points, it is a product that can be preferred for wall covering, floor covering, bathroom or countertop. When applying volakas marble, which is among the white marble types with very wide usage areas, it will be correct to prefer less, which will be very dirty and will be used intensively. It is necessary to pay attention to the chemicals used in and after the use of adhesives. Since water stains may occur frequently, quick details should be provided in bathrooms and kitchens.