They are hard rocks that contain various mineral fragments in granite. Granites are generally highly resistant rocks with good homogeneity. These rocks contain minerals such as quartz, feldspar, muscovite, mica, amphibole, andalusite. Their formation is based on the compression of mineral particles in magma while rising to the surface and the slow cooling process that takes many years. Gray Granite is used today as a construction and architectural material in indoor and outdoor applications. It is widely used indoors such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, flooring, wall and stair coverings, elevators, fireplaces, tables and decorative items. In outdoor areas; They are widely used in facade cladding, flooring, paving and curbstones, pools, fountains, sculpture, barbecue and landscaping areas. Granite is mostly processed as a “dimension stone”. Dimension stone is a natural rock material cut into blocks or slabs of specific length, width and thickness. Granite is hard enough to resist abrasion, is durable enough to withstand weather conditions, and can accept a glossy finish. These features make it a very desired and used dimension stone.

Gray Granite has been used in interior and exterior applications for thousands of years. Rough cut and polished granite is an essential part of buildings, bridges, sidewalks, monuments and many other exterior projects. It is possible to see the use of Gray Granite in interiors, polished granite slabs and tiles countertops, tiled floors, stair steps and many other practical and decorative features. Gray Granite can cost a little more than man-made materials in most projects. However, Gray Granite has been a frequently chosen stone because it is a prestigious material used to produce elegance, durability and enduring impressions of quality.

Granite is also used as a crushed stone or component. Gray Granite is mainly used in construction sites, in road construction, railways, foundations and in areas where crushed stone is useful as filling.

Bergama Granite has a gray tone dense patterned structure. Bergama Granite is preferred for floor coverings, wall coverings, thick borders and windowsills. It is a granite that is frequently used by our manufacturers and designers due to its light gray tone special structure and the fact that it can be found both in the market and at cheap prices. It is especially preferred both indoors and outdoors in floor and floor coverings. It is known in the market with the names Bergama Gray, Bergama Gray, İzmir Gray, Bergama Granite. Bergama Gray is also known as İzmir Gray. Bergama Grey, known in the industry is the most preferred and granite in Turkey. It is among the preferences of the sellers due to the easy processing and shaping feature of the stone and the color structure of the users. It is combined with kitchen cabinets in terms of color tone.

Aksaray Yaylak granite, which has a high level of durability, is a type of granite that does not have grooves and grooves on its surface. Aksaray Yaylak is one of Turkey’s geological resources. It is a stone known for its hardness and extracted from Aksaray / Sarıyahşi quarries and processed.

It is cut into shapes such as flamed, polished, patina or hammered and made ready for use and offered for sale to consumers. This stone, which is removed from its reserve, is cut in sizes such as 2, 3 and 4 and adjusted according to the dimensions of the spaces to be used. Aksaray Yaylak Granite, also known as Sipahi Granit, is a natural stone that is highly preferred in architectural projects at home and abroad. It contains quartz crystals varying from white to gray. For this reason, it can be used professionally in decoration.

In terms of usage areas, Aksaray Yaylak Granite can be used indoors and outdoors. While it can be used in alternatives such as kitchen countertops, skirting, step covering, flooring, floor covering in interior spaces, it can be used in exterior siding, pavement, street and pedestrian path, rain gutters, handicapped stone, parquet paving stone.

Applications for flooring, kitchen countertops, wall coverings, wall coverings, windowsills and tables for use in practice carried out in Aksaray Yaylak Granite is one of the most well-known types of granite Turkey market. It is possible to say that the granite type, also known as Yaylak Granite, Aksaray Yaylağı, Aksaray Gray Granite, Anatolian Gray and Anadolu Nova, has managed to make its users happy thanks to its truly remarkable effects. In addition to providing great views in the areas where the granite type, which is processed with modern processing methods, has a wonderful appearance; It draws attention to its longevity. The fact that it is a type of granite that you can safely use for years encourages people to choose in this regard.

The Aksaray Yaylak Granite product, which you will encounter with its wonderful effects from the first moment you include it in your living spaces, is known and preferred especially for its appearance suitable for kitchen cabinet designs. It is known by everyone that a granite model that is compatible with your cabinets in kitchens will bring a special look with it.

Aksaray Yaylak Granite or Aksaray Sipahi (Pink) granite is one of the most well-known Turkish granite varieties in the domestic and foreign markets. Aksaray Yaylak Granite impresses the preferences with its homogeneous color mixture, affordable price option and high durability.

Yaylak Granite requires quality stones and stone products in many areas in our country and in the world. It has many areas of use such as architectural designs, cladding works, cobblestones, home systems and wall structures. All stones are extracted from the quarries after important discovery and operations are started.

Aksaray Yaylak is the most preferred and known granite sector in Turkey. It is among the preferences of the sellers due to the easy processing and shaping feature of the stone, and the color structure of the users. It is combined with kitchen cabinets in terms of color tone. Our Aksaray Yaylak Granite model is generally preferred for flooring works of floors, kitchen countertops, walls and facades.

Bianco Sardo is intense quartz look with a light gray tone and black dot pattern. Bianco Sardo is preferred for kitchen and bathroom countertops, wall covering, floor covering, steps, elevator cabin and windowsill. It is one of the most preferred foreign stones among the products with this color and pattern structure. It is a decorative and high quality material suitable for use in all areas as sandblasted, honed, polished. It offers a very beautiful view especially besides the white and beige environmental structures. The white ground is a gray-black speckled granite. After surface polish, the full white background is burned or after sandblasting, it becomes ash and gray color, it is used both as a full surface and as a pattern stone. There is only this granite in violet color and it is also used. Because Bianco Sardo Granite consists of volcanic lava and quartz content, it is durable, durable, resistant to high temperature and water. Cleaning is resistant and resistant to chemicals and detergents, it does not react with certainty. It is always suitable for surface polishing polish. With its white and black speckled color, it can adapt to any place and increases its preference with the convenience it provides to its users. Especially in kitchens and bathrooms, its appearance is very beautiful. It is healthy, anti-bacterial and easy to clean compared to granite marble. All kinds of interior and exterior decoration applications, special table and coffee table designs and counter applications, kitchen countertops, bathroom counters, floor covering, Stair Step, skirting interior and exterior facade coating, steps, stairs, rain gutters, disabled road, exterior, floor It has a wide range of uses such as parquet and coatings. Bianco Sardo Granite looks very nice and naive with its remarkable whiteness and tiny black and brown grains on it. Granite coating process, which is a very good application to provide heat insulation, will be much more advantageous when made with Bianco Sardo Granite, thanks to its white color and easy cleaning feature. This granite type, which finds its place in many areas, is used in many different areas from stairs, handrails, baseboards and sinks. It would be wise to choose Bianco Sardo Granite, which can create an illuminating effect with its white color, in dark kitchens or dark areas. Also, thanks to the color it has, it is very easy to create areas compatible with Bianco Sardo Granite.

Bianco Sardo Granite has tiny black and brown grains on a white floor. It has a very magnificent beauty. It manages to be a product that can be used comfortably in many places such as steps, stairs, external structures, kitchen countertops, countertops, sidewalks, streets and pedestrian paths. You can start using this product whenever you want.

One of the most important advantages of Bianco Sardo Granite is that it is easy to clean. In this way, it does not tire you much about cleaning. In this way, you start to do your work with peace of mind. Since Bianco Sardo Granite finds its place in many areas, you will be able to start using this product wherever you want without any problems. You can obtain this product, which reveals a pleasant appearance, at a reasonable price.

Rosa Beta Granite has gray, brown and pink intensity, multicolored and fine patterns. Rosa Beta Granit is a frequently preferred product for table and coffee table applications, kitchen and bathroom designs, interior exterior and floor works, stairs, steps and windowsills. It is a granite that can be used easily in almost all project areas with its appearance. This product, which we frequently use in counter and step works, has good results when used with black furniture and environmental accessories.

Rosa Beta Granite manages to be in the foreground with its distinctive appearance from many granite types. The harmony of cream, gray, white and black colors is seen on the product. The presence of various colors in it causes it to be compatible with many decorations. While attracting attention with its regular distribution of colors, it exhibits a unique distribution with the distribution of the patterns in large and small sizes and creates an elegant atmosphere with its harmonious appearance. Thus, instead of being preferred as an ordinary building material, it appears as a product type that has become the focal point with its unique style in the areas where it is used. You can easily adapt the Rosa Beta to any space you want and design eye-catching spaces. In addition to glossy and matte finishes, it draws attention with models such as honed, shattered, and sandblasted. Having separate views of each increases the attractiveness of the product. For example, a glossy finished product gives a very aesthetic shine, while matte finish granite is mostly preferred in street arrangements because of its natural appearance. Rosa Beta Granite is indispensable for indoor and outdoor spaces.