Serpeggiante marble is an imported marble and it is generally imported as 2 cm slabs. Dark Serpegiante Marble, Light Serpegiante Marble, Athens Gray Marble, Gray Serpegiante Marble, Wooden Light selections are available. Serpeggiante Marble, which is included in the special projects of architectural groups, has mostly used as hotel bathroom, countertop, sink, decorative fireplace wall covering, indoor and outdoor floor covering and wall covering.

Serpeggiante Marble has become one of the favorite marbles of recent years with its color structure with natural wood appearance. It is one of the marble varieties that attract great interest not only in the country but also abroad.

 Light Serpegiante Marble; It exhibits an elegant elegance in the areas where it is applied with its structure that does not tire the eyes and soft color transitions.

By using Gray Serpegiante Marble, it can be colored with a dark marble border or wedge in the entrance floors of the residence, reflecting a different atmosphere to the space. Serpeggiante Marble will be one of the best examples to be harmonious when used with black and brown marbles.

Apart from the floor covering and column covering in the entrance lobby of a hotel or business center project, its use in the covering of the reception table, especially in combination with the wooden material, will create a very nice detail.

Serpeggiante Marble is also very popular in bathroom countertops in residence projects. A different design sink on the counter made of Serpeggiante Marble will be like a magical touch in your bathroom. Serpeggiante Marble is mostly demanded with polished surface treatment, however, honed or brushed surface fabrications are also made upon request.

Natural stones with unlimited usage areas will gain meaning when they come to life in skillful hands and will decorate your spaces with the right product selection in the right area.

Serpegiante Dark; It has dark brown and dark gray tones and has a linear structure. It is a preferred stone among horizontal symmetrical marbles in terms of consumption and customer satisfaction. Serpeggiante Dark marble is preferred for wall and floor coverings, marble coffee table and fireplace applications, interior architectural works. It is also known as Serpgiant Bay, Serpecant Dark, and Chinese Serpantin, Serpeggiante Italia,Serpegiante Marble,Serpeggiante Classico Marble,Serpegiante Silvabella Marble,Serpegiante Silvabella Classico Marble,Silvabella Marble,Serpegiante Righina marble,Serpegiante Chiaro Marble,Visone Marble,Filetto Rosso Classico Marble,Trani Serpeggiante,Serpeggiante Chiaro Silvabella,Serpeggiante Trani

Wooden Light is popular among designers and owners in terms of pattern and finish.Wooden Light marble is used in hotel project, villa and entertainment public place.

Wooden Light has an elegant tone and large volume of usability. It is gray and white, it is a good stone with very high economic value.

Wooden Light has the characteristics of color stability, clear and beautiful lines, and no radiation. Wooden Light building decoration is preferred especially for five star hotels, villas, shopping malls and home decoration.

Serpegiante Dark and Serpegiante Light marble is a natural stone quarried in China. The secret of its extraordinary beauty lies in a warm gray-cream shade and a rare horizontal pattern resembling a woodcut. Serpeggiante is available in a range of gorgeous colors, from dark gray-creamy to very light gray and beige tones. Serpegiante marble, with its attractive texture, can become the perfect foundation for any interior and exterior, allowing it to be applied to floors and walls, stairs, bar posts, countertops and as elements of landscape design.