Lily-Afyon Suprem

Afyon Suprem marble; It has white intermediate tones in lilac and burgundy colors. It is one of the beautifully patterned marble types originating from our Afyon region. It is frequently used as an intermediate model to give its cheap price and pattern. The main lines in lilac and burgundy colors offer a really beautiful image. It is also known as Afyon lilacAfyon supremeAfyon claret red marble and Zambak marble.

Afyon Lilac Marble; It is a beautiful white-based marble with purple veins. It is possible to produce plates with books and use them in stylish bathrooms. Suitable for floors and walls, it is becoming very popular in modern housing projects. Milas Lilac, lilac is based on a type of white veined marble extracted in Turkey. This stone is especially good for Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall cladding and other design projects

With its lilac tones and dark lines on the white color, which is reminiscent of the long linear branches of Afyon Lilac marble and lilac flowers, Milas Lilac Marble is the symbol of nobility and elegance. It is the choice of designers and architects with elegant tastes and is both an aesthetic and useful option for exclusive designs.

Afyon Suprem marble; With its serious lines, it is especially suitable for corporate offices and hotels, hospitals and government buildings and is also preferred in small living spaces. It is frequently applied in the reception and waiting rooms of official buildings, creating an unusual and calming ambiance. In addition, Afyon Single Jersey marble, which stands out in the production of decorative objects and is widely applied on coffee tables, tables, TV units, panels, sinks, countertops, is also useful in wall covering, floor covering and mosaic applications.

If Bordeaux marblered marble is a kind of wine issued in Turkey. This stone is especially good for wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaics, fountains, pool and wall coverings, stairs, window sills and other design projects. It is also known as Aegean Bordeaux Marble, Marmol Aegean Border, Bordeaux Egeo Marble, Aegean Bordeau Marble, Milas Red Marble, Rosso Burgundy Marble, Rosso Laguna Marble, Rosso Mare Marble, Rosso Milas Marble, Milas Rosso Rubino Marble, Rouge Laguna.

Afyon Claret Red marble; It has a dominant red tone with black and white veins. This beautiful stone extracted from our Afyon region is frequently used in decorative special architectural works. It has a nice dark red hue and a nice appearance of mostly black veins. It is a very suitable product for polishing and sandblasting methods. Afyon Claret Red marble; It is frequently preferred in kitchen and bathroom counter works, interior wall and floor covering, decorative sculpture and monument, table productions. It is also known as Milas red, Aegean bordeaux, and Muğla red.

Aegean Red marble is a product that will enchant the hearts of red lovers. It helps you bring out the noble side of red in the most beautiful way in your environment. Red nobility will radiate in your environment in the most beautiful way. It is a product that will support decoration. Afyon Single Jersey marble; When looking at its outer surface, it has a bright feature. It is both shiny and smooth. Its smoothness helps users enchanted. It has a hard structure. It has a polished, slippery and shiny appearance. It is preferred more frequently in kitchens.